B.C. police find bags of cocaine hidden in public bathroom


Discovery has been made in Mission hidden in a very public place was a whole lot of cocaine now police are asking whoever put it there to come forward for a little chat CDV singen Alexander explains a maintenance worker who was about to do repairs in a public

Washroom like this one may not have known what was lurking above until he moved to panel on Thursday and found a lucrative but highly illegal stash that’s half a kilo of cocaine split neatly into many packages it’s possible it was left there for another dealer to pick up it’s certainly not the first

Time Crooks have used ceilings for crime in New York thieves drilled holes from the top and into a bank vault they got away with it not everyone does more recently there’s the loot the bank robber didn’t know police in Ohio were watching out burglars don’t do well in restaurant

Ceiling it seems this one fell through during the dinner rush the guy falls through the ceiling on a patron unbelievable another dropped in on the kitchen and was caught we don’t know yet how long the drugs were hidden in Maple Ridge but at least they weren’t stash in

A police station parking lot all of this part was found pretty quickly by officers in California not a very good place to seek shelter not the best choice no and nobody was distracted or fooled by a specialty in Peru festive undercover officers the mounties couldn’t help but

Take a jab at whoever hid the cocaine inviting the owner to come forward with proof of purchase jail sale number three is prepped and ready to welcome them singen Alexander CTV News Vancouver

A significant quantity of cocaine has been found hidden in a very public place – and police are cheekily urging the owner to come forward.

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