Agreement to free some hostages is close, Hamas says



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All right to the latest now on the war between Israel and Hamas there was fresh talk that a deal to release some of the hostages held by Hamas is closer that is happening as Israel’s military says its ground forces are now moving in on a city in Northern

Gaza this is video from the Israeli military posted on social media it reportedly shows troops and armored vehicles in the area of jabalia in Northern Gaza Israel military says its forces have the city surrounded let’s go live now to Briar Stewart with our CBC News team in Jerusalem Bri let’s start with the

Latest on the Poss possible hostage deal here uh a lot of people right now looking very closely at this family’s uh you know wanting to see their loved ones again and waiting with baited breath to hear uh what the latest is so bring us up to date on that front first

Off yes that’s right the leader of AAS today said that a truce between Israel and the milit group was very close then another official uh from Hamas had reportedly said that the negotiations that are still underway right now are dealing with um some of the specifics

Around how long uh a pause and fighting would last um how how many hostages would be released uh it it’s been reported that there would be um a hostage exchange between women and children who are trapped in Gaza some of the 240 hostages that are believed to be

There and in exchange for Palestinian women and children who are in detention in Israel and I wanted to just give you a sense of where I am here I’m in Jerusalem outside of a school where school students have uh printed out photos of all of the children who have

Been taken hostage they’ve set up a chair for each one of them here on the sidewalk uh with the photos um you know this is a very uh emotional issue not just for the family but for the entire country of Israel and last night some of

The family members of the hostages had a chance to meet with the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu along with with his War cabinet and afterwards they came out they were they were holding signs with their loved ones photos on it and and a lot of them dis uh Express

Disappointment and anger really um at the government because they believe that the government’s priority is eliminating Hass um a large uh goal that will take you know quite a long time and and the the families are really concerned that as they pursue their their military aims and they continue launching hundreds of

Strikes at Gaza that they putting the hostages at risk uh here’s udy Goran who whose cousin is is one of the hostages taking down Kamas we keep hearing from them is going to take months or years and it’s going to take a long time on the other hand the other objective is

Time sensitive people are dying we know that for sure then we all feel especially when we’re talking about our families that this should be the top priority that’s right the government has said that the hostages are their top priority but the families really see this disconnect because it’s believed

That the hostages are likely uh being held in in smaller groups underground in that vast network of tunnels but the families say that as long as Israel uh keeps striking them keeps targeting Hamas they are putting the hostages at risk I mean we know that a few of them

Have been found dead already and so this is just what the families are so very concerned about now Israel’s government um has kept silent about any prospective deal but two Israeli stations today are reporting from unnamed officials uh that one is close and it could be reached

Within hours within hours okay so Brier while these hostage negotiations continue the fighting also continues let’s get the latest update there that’s right the fighting remains very intense throughout all of Gaza you mentioned the uh jabalia neighborhood the jabalia refugee camp in the north uh Israel has has targeted that overnight

And we understand that the ground troops have encircled it uh Health officials in Gaza have also said that 20 people were killed in a bombardment in usit Camp and also the World Health Organization says they’ve received requests from three hospitals to evacuate all of the patients that are still there one of

Them is the Indonesian hospital where on Monday the World Health Organization say 12 people were killed in fighting and of course on top of the immediate need the fighting trying to get people out of the the hospitals the other thing that Aid workers are and families are dealing

With is this humanitarian crisis that is only getting worse as more people become displaced and the aid just continues to trickle in our thanks to you Brier stort in Jerusalem for us this morning

The leader of Hamas says its officials are ‘close to reaching a truce agreement’ with Israel and the group has delivered its response to Qatari mediators, but there has been no comment on the negotiations from Israel.

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