“We will get him”: BC group trying to catch slippery wolf-dog nicknamed WD-40



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Come here hey he’s come close but is proving tough to catch for about 2 months locals just west of Parksville on Vancouver Island have been told to be on the lookout for a wolf dog the mixed breed animal believed to be about 70 kilos has come close to traps set for

Him but always walks off he knows where the Trap is he knows the food but he just doesn’t like the food that we’re putting in like McDonald’s cheeseburger roast chicken he’s either getting fed up there or the rabbits are really good one of the two come here

You come on because of his slippery tactics he’s been given the name WD40 it’s believed he was kept as a pet but dumped by his owner a Community member called in Gary shade with fined and lost Escape dogs Vancouver Island conservation won’t touch it Animal Control won’t touch it so he’s kind of

In the middle so it’s kind of up to the private people to get it shade says the animal has claimed this large area to himself at least one dog has been attacked and there have been some close calls with humans he’s followed a couple of girls in a horse there last Friday

And then just went off in the bush members of the public are being asked to stay away from the area until the animal is caught a trail cam is set up on this live trap so shade can see when his Target is nearby this going to be a slow

Process know we got to get the right food that he likes and he’s got to get hungry enough shade says a Local woman with experience raising wolf dogs is ready to give WD40 a home once he’s caught Alyssa TBO Global News

A Vancouver Island group that is focused on reuniting owners with their lost four-legged family members is currently trying to catch a supposed wolf-dog near Nanaimo, B.C.

He appears to be half dog, half wolf and has become quite the escape artist.

The Find Lost and Escaped Dogs (FLED) group is working to try and safely trap the wolf-dog. They learned about the animal through a resident, who has wolf-dogs herself. She had tried to catch the loose animal with her live trap but a small bear was caught instead, and broke the trap.

The dog has been dubbed WD-40 by rescuers, WD for wolf-dog and 40 for oil, as the animal is quite “slippery” to catch. Global’s Alissa Thibault reports.

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