Two biggest Canadian airlines rank last for on-time arrivals


Okay let’s talk about this new report on punctuality for Airlines around the world Canada’s Airlines ranking last for being on time yes Canada’s two biggest airlin take the lowest spot for on time arrival so this is a new report saying the country’s Airlines ranked last for that ontime performance among all of the

North American carriers last month so Aviation data company serium says nearly 28% of Air Canada flights landed late in October that places the airline 9 out of 10 Airlines on the continent but it’s you know it’s pretty bad but it’s not as bad as it is at West yet that Airline on

Nearly 29% of its arrivals touching down late and late is defined here as more than 15 minutes behind their scheduled arrival so between the two their online percent their on time percentage of just over 70% is below the North American average of 80% itself the lowest of

Anywhere in the world when we think of just continents so North America not doing good but Canada doing very bad

Air Canada and WestJet saw nearly 30 per cent of their flights arrive late in October.

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  1. Hope they are departing on time but still charging the same fare with extra air time for the passengers to enjoy the ride & be away for some more time from the worrisome world underneath.


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