Top 1 per cent wealthiest responsible for same amount of carbon emissions as bottom 66 per cent



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As Canadians brace for the winter cold experts believe 2023 is virtually certain to be the warmest year on record but a new study shows those impacted the most have little to do with the change in climate ctv’s Colton prail on why some experts say billionaires are bursting the climate

Bubble alarm bells ringing over the climate crisis after October broke Global temperature records for the fifth straight month this is a wakeup sign to all of us that this issue is no no longer a future issue 2023 is already 1.43 de above Baseline almost certain to

Be the hottest year ever a new Oxfam report shows its billionaires driving climate change we looked at just the top 1% and found that the the carbon heating emissions of that group was enough to lead to another 1.3 million deaths over the course of this Century in 2019 the

Top 1% were resp responsible for 16% of global emissions the same amount as the poorest 2/3 of humanity roughly 5 billion people and off one Canadian company is hoping to get a better picture of just how bad those emissions can be launching a first of its kind satellite that tracks carbon dioxide

Emissions around the globe already their data has shown real world emissions of methane were roughly double prior estimates I absolutely think it’s essential that the Canadian government as well as our other partner governments use more satellite measurements again because it’s a direct measurement as opposed to an estimate scientists hope

Better data will lead to emission reductions slowing climate change every tenth of a degree saves someone’s house from flooding someone’s crops from being lost someone from suffering heat exhaustion having to go to the hospital or even worse everything we do truly matters Oxfam is calling on anwa to

Implement a wealth tax and a windfall corporate profit tax to reduce emissions and to use those revenues to quickly transition away from fossil fuels Heather ctv’s Colton PR in Ottawa

A new report has found that the top one per cent of earners are disproportionately driving the climate crisis, and researchers are calling for substantially higher taxes on income, wealth and corporate profits to fix it.

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