Theresa Tam’s annual public health report drowns in social justice jargon


Chief medical officer of Health Teresa Tam has released her annual Public Health Report and while it’s supposed to be all about the state of Public Health in Canada instead it is full to the brim with social justice jargon in October Canada’s chief medical officer of Health that’s Teresa Tam

Released Canada’s report on the state of Public Health in 2023 titled creating the conditions for resilient communities a public health approach to emergencies it’s based basically just a Manifesto written by fizer’s CEO Albert borla pledging allegiance to the World Health organization’s Global Health architecture and the idea of one Health

There is an entire page dedicated to a land acknowledgement before detailing an emergency management Continuum that has four sections the first prevention and mitigation that includes refining of community resilience to address equity and power second preparedness which includes healthy public policy during emergencies inclusive Community Partnerships and planning for Equity

Third is response creating supportive environments to promote health and enable Behavior change strengthening trust and social cohesion of course while integrating Equity into response processes and finally recovery to build resilience into well recovery document mentions undrip that’s the United Nations declaration to the rights of indigenous people several different

Times it also refers to that Health organization’s one health approach saying that health promotion includes prerequisites such as peace shelter education food income a stable ecosystem sustainable resources social justice and Equity by preparing for healthy public policies Tam’s report says that action on healthy public policy can help reduce

The extent of an emergency’s direct and indirect impacts on health and the determinants of Health boost resilience and enable Health promoting behaviors in the first ever acknowledgement of the harms caused by covid-19 related Public Health disaster that I’ve seen have a look at this the covid-19 pandemic demonstrated the importance of

Addressing the broader social and economic impacts of an emergency including those unintentionally caused by necessary Public Health interventions the report from further states that the covid-19 pandemic also underlined the need to bring a human rights perspective to understanding and addressing the inequitable impacts of emergencies but they don’t mean like the chartered

Rights infringements such as when the government sanctioned covid-19 Public Health measures stole children’s rights to access a free in-person public education or when police and government harshly infringed on people’s Mobility rights and then monitored their movement without their knowledge or consent then when they further violated freedom of assembly by stipulating arbitrary social

Bubble Provisions violated the right to protest through those same rules literally trampled on people’s right to economic freedom through Public Health sanctioned business closures we need this we need this part back get back easy on my wrist get back That forced and siphoned everyone to line up outside of big box stores while they kept the liquor stores open but closed the gyms for your health the final nail on the coffin for deranged breaches of Human Rights was the lack of individual autonomy or consent involved with Community masking which pivoted

Within a year to mass injecting novel mRNA biopharmaceutical products into the arms of trusting Canadians on that note the report happily states that Tam’s agency was able to curb the monkey pox outbreak in Montreal in May of 2022 through you guessed it vaccination awareness campaigns such as disseminating information through social

Media and a dating app this apparently resulted in over 30,000 quebecers getting an moox vaccine to reinforce the necessity of a Behavioral Science team at the public health agency of Canada the report says that the covid-19 pandemic demonstrated that behavior change can be enabled through supportive environments and that additional

Interventions may be necessary for those who experience barriers to adhere to Emergency Response recommendations some examples of supportive environments are described as increasing options for physical distancing in congregate living environments virtual Health Care mobile testing sites culturally appropriate food boxes for households experiencing food insecurity safe voluntary isolation

Sites changes to the built environment and eviction moratoria Tam thinks that supportive information environments are particularly important to help counter Miss and disinformation Miss and disinformation can apparently lead to increased polarization decreased public trust lower adherence to Public Health advice and illness and death from preventable diseases a study estimated

That Miss and disinformation contributed to vaccine hesitancy for an estimated 2.3 million people in Canada between March and November 2021 by November of 2021 without these refusals or delayed vaccinations there could have been an estimated 198,000 fewer covid-19 cases 2,800 fewer deaths and 299 Millions saved in hospital cost I took the

Liberty of finding that study and it is of course junk science it’s based on a modeling study that predates the Omicron variant where vaccination status became pretty much irrelevant it’s a pretend play simulation that blatantly ignores real world data and real world happenings since faulty modeling that

Never came true was proving to be ineffective in the long term to keep people ter ver ified into submission to build trust and confidence and quell That vaccine hesitancy Tam deployed a campaign in Quebec called the Laval awareness Brigade it utilized community outreach to share information on testing and

Public health measures and raise awareness about the importance of the covid-19 vaccine it is currently being evaluated as part of a research study that explores how Outreach Community practices can support health and Social Services naturally Tam’s report continues to urge Canadians to receive the latest covid-19 Mr formulations every six months Her Way

Forward emphasizes equity in Emergency Management policies plans and Technology urges for increased resources for public health systems and communities to support well-being during emergencies it also has a specific focus on recognizing indigenous knowledge and practices the frilly meaningless words just show how hypocritical this report really is it’s

Chalk full of social justice jargon with very little tangible Insight on how to uphold previously wellestablished pandemic response plans why they were disregarded for this knee-jerk hysteria and instead it pledges allegiance to Global Health architecture and the World Health organization’s one health approach which they say requires shared

Databases and surveillance to work this cont rcts local community-driven initiatives favoring instead a pharmac captured top down health approach whereas Genuine Health results from patient Centric patient driven care for Rebel news I’m tamary ugolini Teresa Tam repeatedly failed Canadians throughout the covid-19 pandemic and this nonsense report reinforces the lack of tangible

Priorities at the public health agency of Canada if you would like to see Tam terminated for the repeated fumbling and mismanagement then visit our website at firet you can sign our petition sign up to our mailing list and chip in a few bucks if you appreciate this kind of

Work at firet

As Tamara Ugolini explains, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam has released her annual public health report — and while it’s supposed to be about the state of public health in Canada, it’s full to the brim with social justice jargon that aligns more with sustainable development goals than tangible health outcomes.

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  1. Tam cannot rely on science and reality to facilitate her office’s overreach and the nonsensical policies implemented in the past and potentially in the future so she jumps on the woke bandwagon because hey…They don’t support science or reality either.

  2. I suspected she is part of the Xi's plan to destroy the western world since the beginning of the pandemic,
    but, with the stupid one as our leader, she is just one of those in government not working for Canadians

  3. I'd personally pay for this woman to have a face lift, some Botox and a million other operations. It's hard enough listening to the putrid bile that spills forth from her mouth but insulting my eyes simultaneously is becoming hard to bear.


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