The Price is Right contestant who lost trip to British Columbia accepts offer to visit for free



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What started as a joke on social media in the past week turned into a viral campaign to find a Price Is Right contestant who overbid and lost out on a trip to New Westminster well our sleuthing reporter Shannon Patterson has found Philip Fitzpatrick and the Arizona retiree has told tourism New Westminster

He’d love to take them up on the offer for a visit to our former capital Phil being called up from contestants road to compete for a prize on the prices Right congratulations was a dream come true for Philip Fitzpatrick I’m sort of an engineer type person and so I

Was like studying prices and kept a little list of things that do to remember and it seemed to help a lot so uh except for the game that I lost the prize was a six night stay at the in at the key in New Westminster and when it

Came time to guess the price no he was off by $3,000 it sounded like it was going to be a lot more expensive than what the actual price was that’s it that’s way less than I thought it was going to be the fact a trip to New West

Was the prize and it was way cheaper than everyone thought had some Metro vancouverites snickering and we were we’re not the main main destination in BC the main destination is Vancouver everyone knows that but tourism New Westminster saw an opportunity locate philli and offer him that same trip he

Lost on the prices right the hashtag search for Phillip was born and after some online sleo thing we tracked him down in Arizona yeah this is surreal we are so happy about it because we were worried like what if we were doing all these and at the end Philip is nowhere to find

Right now that Philip has been found he’s eager to take that all expense paid trip to New West funny story my uh one of my friends here my actually my price is right buddy I text with he’s been there and so he goes yeah it’s really

Nice I’m like you’ve been there you know I looked around and you know I saw nothing but good things things about the area so I’m excited about it while exact travel details are still being worked out New Westminster businesses and dignitaries are lining up to host him

When he’s here I was asking him are you eager to be in the spotlight because you are a local celebrity right now so everyone’s gonna want to meet you well I’m excited that he’s coming too I I hope um I don’t know if you can pass on

The message I’d love to buy him lunch so let’s give him the let’s give him the mayor’s phone number and I’ll buy lunch when he’s here you know I jokingly said to one of my friends it’s like maybe I’ll get the key to the city

Well he may not have won on the Price’s right stage I look at a two it’s winning twice I got to meet Drew Carrey and then I get to go on the trip too you know and so yeah it’s like you know so much better I think all the way around

Shannon Patterson CTV News New Westminster

When a The Price is Right contestant competed for a trip to New Westminster and overestimated the price by $3,000, it led to a barrage of online mocking after the episode aired.

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