Taylor Swift concert death: Fan says Brazil venue “not prepared” for extreme heat, confiscated water



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Taylor Swift in fact was actually back on stage last night in Brazil this is following the singer cancelling her Saturday performance because of extreme heat extreme conditions and this after a 23-year-old fan died after attending Friday’s show the cause of death has not been announced but fans complained of

Extreme temperatures and not being allowed to take water into the stadium and a TMS Canadian first Cindy Newan who was at the show Friday joins us now from Rio de Janeiro Cindy can you tell us more about the conditions at the venue and just how hot it was absolutely the venue was not

Prepared at all for the extreme heat that we have here so outside it was about 33° C but with the heat index we went up to 60° C the only thing that was there for us were the street vendor ERS that offered umbrellas and water for us to purchase but they actually

Confiscated all those items including hand fans before we were able to go inside the stadium inside the stadium there was nothing there to help prevent the the extreme heat so there were no air mist air conditioning or even fans so um to even assist with the extreme

Heat so we just basically sat there and baked Under the Sun yeah Cindy can you tell us a little more about the situation when it came to uh water because as you just said when you arrived at the show you and everybody entering you were told to finish your water before heading inside

And then we understand during the show security actually uh started handing out water to some but not to everybody can you tell us a little bit bit more about that they started to hand out the water um pretty early on just before the show started because people were already

Starting to faint starting to not feel well I was pretty close to the barricade so where I was I was able to get access to the water but when we had more General fans come in the people that were selling the water can’t do it so

That’s where the free water came in and if you were in the middle of the pit there was no way it was going to get to you because the first couple of rows were already getting it Cindy when did you find out that someone had passed away and given the extreme conditions

Were you surprised to hear this we didn’t hear the news about someone passing away until the following morning when Taylor Swift announced it in her Instagram story um in terms of us I we were shocked because of this extreme heat because they did give options for people to leave or move to

The back and all that but it was pretty difficult all right well Cindy glad that you were doing okay and we appreciate you taking some time in joining us this morning here on TMS appreciate it

Pop star Taylor Swift was back on stage Sunday night in Brazil after her Saturday performance was postponed in Rio De Janeiro due to extreme heat, after a fan died at her show on Friday evening.

The cause of death of the fan has not been announced but concertgoers have complained of extreme temperatures and not being allowed to take water or other cooling items into the stadium.

Canadian Sindy Nguyen, who was at the show on Friday, joined The Morning Show on Monday from Rio de Janeiro to discuss the conditions at the concert.

“The venue was not prepared for the extreme heat that we have here. So outside the venue, it was about 33 degrees Celsius but with the heat index, it went up to 60 degrees Celsius.” Nguyen said, adding that personal fans were confiscated prior to entrance into the stadium.

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