Take Action for Trans Equality: Canadian Unions Demand Immediate Change

Trans Equality Now: Canada’s unions call for urgent action

“Urgent Call for Action: Canada’s Unions Demand Government Implement Recommendations for Trans Equality

Every year, on November 20th, the world observes Trans Day of Remembrance. This year, the theme “Trans Equality Now” urges governments to take action to protect and advance the rights of the transgender and gender-diverse community. In Canada, unions are calling on the federal government to implement the 29 recommendations from MP Randall Garrison’s White Paper on the Status of Trans and Gender Diverse People. These recommendations are crucial for advancing the civil, political, and socio-economic status of trans and gender-diverse individuals in the country.

Rising Levels of Violence and Discrimination

The trans and gender-diverse community in Canada has been experiencing increasing levels of violence and discrimination. Conservative politicians have been pushing for dangerous and discriminatory legislation, further exacerbating the challenges faced by these individuals. The urgency of protecting the rights of trans and gender-diverse people cannot be understated, especially in light of the alarming rise in legislated transphobic violence.

Current Legislation and Threats

Recent developments in provinces like Saskatchewan and New Brunswick undermine the safety of trans and gender-diverse children, setting an alarming precedent for other Conservative leaders across the country. Additionally, the rise in right-wing protests and threats aimed at shutting down events and targeting educational organizations is further evidence of the challenges faced by the trans and gender-diverse community.

Social and Economic Disparities

In addition to discrimination and violence, trans and gender-diverse communities also face staggering social and economic disparities. The impact of poverty, housing and food insecurity, and poorer health outcomes disproportionately affects these individuals, especially those who are trans people of color.

The Need for Urgent Action

While the government has taken steps in the right direction with the release of Canada’s first-ever 2SLGBTQI+ Action Plan, it is clear that much more needs to be done to address the ongoing challenges faced by trans and gender-diverse individuals in Canada. The urgency of the situation requires concrete steps and immediate action by the federal government.


As we observe Trans Day of Remembrance, it is crucial to recognize the pressing need for action to protect the rights and advance the equality of trans and gender-diverse individuals in Canada. The federal government must prioritize the implementation of recommendations that address the social, economic, and political challenges faced by these communities. It is not just a matter of acknowledging the issues, but a call to act decisively to ensure the safety, rights, and well-being of the trans and gender-diverse community in Canada. Now is the time for urgent and meaningful action to address these pressing issues.”



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