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Stand with April update the appeal of the powerlifter 2-year suspension has been filed now for those of you who don’t know the team Canada powerlifter April Hutchinson was suspended from competition by the Canadian powerlifting Union the CPU after she criticized a policy which allowed biological male lifters identifying as female to compete

In the women’s division for my sport it affects many lifters I know four lifters off the top of my head that will be competing against and coming up and that have a problem with it that have actually written the Federation two people have dropped out one person cut

Weight so they don’t have to compete against an it’s not consensual and I mean it only takes one person to not consent and the federations that are allowing this you know it’s it’s disgraceful it is disgusting that they’re allowing this to happen now April is fighting back but

You can’t do it without your help if you want to help if you want to get involved in the fight for sports fairness go to stand withth there you can sign a petition to the CPU calling on them to resend the unfair ban against April for simply speaking about

Biological reality and you can make a donation to her legal fund now for those of you who don’t know the exact details are as follows April Hutchinson was threatened with a two-year ban from competition for speaking out after a trans identified male born powerlifter openly mocked women on social media after

Dominating a female powerlifting meat I know it’s outrageous doesn’t count I know we’re not talking about McKenzie Lee she’s got little T-Rex arms and she’s like 400 lb of chest muscle apparently I mean standard bench in powerlifting competition for women I literally don’t understand why it’s so

Bad my my son he weighs 45 lb his max bench is like 33 I’m Legit seeing some women in competition who are doing something like 50 lbs and I just don’t understand it now April filed a formal complaint against that male born powerlifter an Andress after he mocked

Women for being weaker and smaller than him actually I think they’ve gone Rogue they’ve done their own thing they’ve created an inclusion policy so you could identify as a female Toral Pierce take all the records crush it in the women’s category and then go back to being a man

The next day now April’s complaint against an Andress for his social media activity was never taken seriously so she started speaking out telling her story on social media however when a complaint against April was filed for speaking out she was the one silenced and punished oh but April is a fighter

And she lawyered up she hired Lisa buildy from libertas law to help her fight for fairness for women in sport Lisa buildy is a prominent civil liberties and human rights lawyer who has worked on many high-profile anti-lockdown civil liberties cases in this country over the past few years and

Thanks to your donations to April’s legal fund at stand withth the appeal of April’s ban was just filed let’s read through a bit of it the grounds for the appeal are as follows the discipline committee made a decision which was influenced by bias because the discipline committee the names of whom

Have not been disclosed to the appellant was comprise of individuals and executive members who were directly or indirectly involved in drafting and or approving the CPU trans inclusion policy which the appellant publicly criticized okay there’s a lot going on there let’s just stop here so April doesn’t even know the names of the

People who are finding her guilty of breaking a policy but what she does know is that the people who wrote the trans inclusion policy are now the enforcers of the ban on anyone who criticizes the trans inclusion policy isn’t that a neat little game these people are playing let’s keep going the discipline

Committee demonstrat bias against the appellant in failing to address her similar complaint against the complainant this is also a completely reasonable conclusion for someone like April to come to she launched a complaint against Anne Andrew after an andrees went online and mocked his female competition which would have been in violation of his

Social media policy but since an Andrew didn’t get in trouble for saying things that would have violated the social media a policy why should April get in trouble let’s keep going the discipline committee exercised its discretion for an improper purpose the discipline committee issued the decision as a form

Of reprisal and retaliation against the appellant for her advocacy to end the cpu’s sex-based discrimination against women in competitive powerlifting the harsh penalty a 2-year suspension was designed to send a message to the appellant and other female competitor ERS that if they publicly protest the discriminatory trans inclusion policy by

Pointing out the deleterious impact a male born athlete competing in the women’s category has on Fair competition for females they will be silenced and that’s true if you are an upand cominging powerlifter and you think it is unfair for you to be forced to compete against someone who has

Undergone the benefits of testosterone induc to puberty you will be kicked out of your sport so you’re effectively censored well that’s the thing if if I didn’t do anything about it I mean there was times where I couldn’t sleep at night I mean I’ve been battling this for about two

Years now finally women are coming out I get daily emails and messages from women saying thank you so much for standing up for women in sports uh a lot of women are silenced and feel silenced and that they have no voice or they’re afraid to speak up fear of maybe getting kicked

Out of the Federation um be to be called names right uh for backlash uh but no now April’s powerful advocacy for women in sport has already claimed the job of the head of the CPU Shane Martin who attributed his timely resignation to his failed attempts to modernize the inclusivity policies at the organization

Martin was responsible for calling the police on women who turned up at a CPU meet wearing black to mourn and protest the death of women’s powerlifting as a man lifted against women but this is just the beginning there are more wins to come to donate to offset April’s

Mounting legal cost as she fights to keep female sports female and to sign the petition to the CPU to reinstate April please go to stand with April .c for Rebel news I’m Sheila gri If You Believe In fairness if you believe in biological reality and if you

Believe in free speech please go to stand withth and sign the petition calling on the Canadian powerlifting Union to reinstate April Hutchinson after they banned her for simply telling the truth and while you’re there at stand withth make a donation to offset her mounting

Legal costs as she Appeals her ban again that’s stand withth

| April Hutchinson’s powerful advocacy for the women in her sport has claimed the job of the head of the CPU, Shane Martin, who attributed his resignation to his failed attempts to modernize the inclusivity policies of the organization.
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