Soleiman Faqiri’s final moments revealed in new video footage for the first time since his tragic jail cell death

Video of Soleiman Faqiri's final moments made public for 1st time since jail cell death


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“Shocking footage of the final moments of Soleiman Faqiri’s life has been released as part of the inquiry into his tragic death. The 30-year-old, who suffered from schizophrenia, should never have been behind bars in the first place. Yet, a mental health crisis led to his incarceration, and ultimately, his death. The heart-wrenching video paints a picture of neglect, abuse, and tragedy that cannot be ignored. As the inquest delves into the details of Faqiri’s final days, it begs the question – how can we prevent such injustices from happening again?”

Mistreatment and Neglect
The disturbing video footage reveals the horrendous treatment suffered by Faqiri in his final moments. From being pepper-sprayed and physically struck by officers to being restrained face-down on the ground with a spit hood over his face, the level of mistreatment is appalling. Despite concerns from jail staff about Faqiri’s condition, no specialized unit was called to assist in moving him from the showers to his cell, which ultimately had fatal consequences. The footage leaves no doubt that Soleiman Faqiri deserved compassion and care, not violence and neglect.

Failures in the System
Faqiri’s tragic death raises critical questions about the failures within the correctional system and mental health care. As the inquest unfolds, it becomes clear that his case was mishandled from the beginning. His mental health crisis should have warranted treatment at a hospital or specialized health facility, rather than incarceration. Tensions among jail staff, the lack of proper procedures for dealing with individuals experiencing psychiatric emergencies, and the absence of accountability for the mistreatment Faqiri endured all underscore pervasive issues within the system.

Seeking Justice and Change
As the inquiry continues, the hope is that justice will not only be served for Soleiman Faqiri and his family, but also that meaningful change will emerge from this tragedy. The inquest represents an opportunity to address the systemic issues that led to Faqiri’s death and to prevent similar occurrences in the future. The jury’s recommendations have the potential to transform policies and procedures, ensuring that individuals with mental health needs receive proper care and support, rather than suffering in silence behind bars.

The video of Soleiman Faqiri’s final moments is a call to action, compelling society to confront the injustices faced by people with mental health challenges in the correctional system. As the inquest unfolds, it is crucial to remember Faqiri’s humanity and the potential impact of this inquiry in shaping a more compassionate and just society. Let his tragic death not be in vain, but rather serve as a catalyst for real change and much-needed reforms.


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