Shakira dodges $15 million tax fraud charge after making deal with Spanish tax authorities



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International pop star Shakira has reached a deal in her Spanish tax fraud case the Grammy winning singer was in a Spanish court today and reportedly settled her case with prosecutors before the trial was set to begin the artist was accused of defrauding the Spanish tax authorities to the tune of 14.5

Million euros the case claimed the singer spent more than 6 months as a Spanish resident between 2012 and 2014 making her liable for taxes shura denied this claim and accuse the tax authority of attempting to tarnish Her Image under the deal she will receive a suspended three-year sentence and beIN 7 million Euros

Five-time Grammy award winner Shakira reached a settlement with prosecutors on Monday to avoid a trial in Barcelona over failing to pay more than US$15 million in Spanish income tax between 2012 and 2014. The Latin pop singer, as part of her deal, accepted the charges and will pay just 50 per cent of the owed amount.
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