Poilievre demands inquiry into Stellantis contract after potentially using temporary foreign workers



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And now we learn that the $15 billion Grant to the stellantis plan will fund mostly jobs for non-canadians not immigrants we love jobs for immigrants jobs for people who are not Canadian citizens and will not be Canadian citizens they will come here get a taxpayer funded paycheck and take

It back to their country I love South Korea one ful country but they don’t fund jobs for Canadians and we shouldn’t fund jobs for their workers our money should fund our paychecks bring it home that’s why cons Common Sense conservatives are demanding a full inquiry into how many of these taxpayer

Funded jobs are going to temporary foreign workers we want a commitment that none of the money should go to Temporary for work should only come to Canadians

Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre said Monday his party is demanding a “full inquiry” into the federal government’s contract with Stellantis after reports of the taxpayer-subsidized battery plant in Ontario potentially using temporary foreign workers.
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