OpenAI employees say they’ll quit unless board resigns


It has been a chaotic weekend in the artificial intelligence world even by the standards of an industry that promises to upend our lives on Friday Sam ultman whose company created chat GPT was Suddenly turfed by the startup he founded that launched a wild series of events which are still unfolding jeie

Lee Joins us now with more okay bring us up to speed on the latest drama jeie well uh arthy the latest is that it’s Monday after the firing on Friday and already Sam Alman has a new job even though a lot of people are still uh

Fighting for him to get his old job back and there are reports that he actually does want that old job back but uh meanwhile there is a letter circulating at open aai the company that he founded um reportedly signed by hundreds of employees who want him back want the

Board of uh directors the head of the board of directors to be fired uh instead um and also threatening to quit if they don’t get what they want so uh he’s obviously quite loved at the company and uh meanwhile there was a replacement CEO named but then he got

Replaced so we’re talking about three different CEOs within 72 hours at this company um and then this happened we just saw some pictures of um uh Alman uh yes there there there it is shaking hands with um the CEO of Microsoft now these two companies have been working

Very closely together in fact Microsoft has invested billions of dollars into uh chat G uh PT and also a open AI which is the company that created that um movement shall we say and in fact it was Microsoft that hired Sam Alman just days after he was fired from the other

Company so uh now the CEO that he appeared with uh on stage just a little while ago is now his boss and so jeie what are the broader issues then at play well this is the thing it’s very intriguing we don’t know why uh Alman was fired from the company that he

Created the board would only say that they had lost confidence in him quote because he was not consistently candid in Communications with the board so this raises a lot of questions um not much more is being said about this so obviously uh when we think of AI artificial intelligence and we think

About um uh this specific chat GDP and how it’s taken lot of the World by storm or this world anyway um in that it is very realistic uh the images that are created are realistic and of course the ability to create very humanlike uh conversations uh definitely has shaken

Up uh a lot of quarters but there’s also the issue of security and um Sam Alman has been called repeatedly uh before the government in Washington to answer questions about this because there are concerns so you know we have to ask what was the firing for specifically and

That’s what makes uh this story interesting to the rest of us um you know aside from those who obviously are in the company and just find this uh completely their their whole world has been shaken obviously a lot of twists and turns thanks for this Genie okay

Hundreds of employees at ChatGPT maker OpenAI say they may quit the company and join former CEO Sam Altman at Microsoft unless the board of the company resigns.

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  1. This is literally a battle between good and evil. One side will make AI a tool, like climate change, of the far left to continue their march towards fixing what’s not broken and reforming society into some dystopian garden of Eden. The other side actually has some morals and sees the danger in weak people trying to take total control over society. This will lead to very bad things. The problem is which side is which?


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