Ontario officials confirm arrival of South Korean workers for new Stellantis plant


It was supposed to create thousands of jobs for Ontario’s manufacturing sector but as the stellantis gigafactory gears up in Windsor there are growing concerns those positions could instead go to International workers these jobs uh were promised to ontarians to Ontario workers good union jobs the workers are there

The community needs these jobs when the company building the EV battery plant in wior began hiring in the summer the CEO suggested workers could be imported in oh we are not just limiting our Outreach to uh wija area but wija Ontario as well as outside Ontario the company says it

Has proprietary equipment to install and needed specialized workers temporarily from South Korea while a handful have already arrived there are signs of a larger incoming Workforce Windsor Police said last week the city was preparing to welcome in600 people from South Korea even the Ford government was caught off

Guard did you guys in the government know that they would be bringing over 1,600 Korean workers to set up the plant no my message is simple on terot Jobs first now both the federal and provincial governments are facing questions about the deal and whether the contract explicitly guaranteed Canadian

Jobs we want to know that all the money from Canadian taxpayers goes to Canadian paychecks of those subsidies 10 billion came from Ottawa 5 billion from Ontario money that critics argue should have ensured work domestically I always said my support for this plan was contingent on there being strings attached to ensure that

Those jobs go to Ontario workers while the province has its concerns it is not ready to pull its share of the investment your government is not pulling the $5 billion is it no it’s way too early to start speculating on on that the construction company is promising to hire 2500 Canadian workers

To run the finished plant

Officials from the Ontario government have confirmed that a group of temporary workers from South Korea has recently arrived in Windsor to work at a new Stellantis electric vehicle battery manufacturing plant.

However, some Canadians are raising concerns that the use of taxpayer subsidies to employ foreign workers could disadvantage Canadians seeking employment opportunities in the auto industry.

“What’s driving the concern is the $15 billion in taxpayer-funded subsidies given to Stellantis,” said Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre.

Global’s Colin D’Mello reports.

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  1. it is premature to move on this at this time. when call centers used their CDN staff to fly overseas, to Train locals to become the new call centers, the CDNs were the first on site to train and be paid to work overseas.
    as for 'what if some of the bodies sent are wives, or sex slaves'. that is to be confirmed // Koreans are Allies more than once and have never attacked the CDNs.
    as for, if the Koreans become permanent workers, then they will become CDNs using visas, like most, and then they never leave windsor. wind -sore tell me all about how i never go back there not even to visit the Studio 4 (if it still stands).
    due to Big D, across the water, the air stinks.

    Wages paid include Taxes and they r withheld so the same Taxes would be Kept, at the wage rates, regardless of their country of origin.
    // just try to Remember Koreans are allies fought in war with and against the communists' hoard and there by Just give them a little rope // God Bless the workers for they know profits never go into the GDP. and it is the GDP that is the economy.
    Allies First then maybe the americans then the other nations CDNs have more fingers in my PIEs than most other Free Nations Native CDNs included

  2. The job are coming back ????????
    Americans you are being screwed
    The Rich and the Poor
    Remember what the Aouto Company’s did to the American workers?
    Read your history citizens
    You screwed

  3. 1600 people to setup that plant? Is that not the entire work force? This country is doomed its literally being seen as vulnerable and easy to exploit and now even friendly nations that are known for being honest workers are now taking advantage of us. The funniest part about this is they are temporary workers all that money is leaving the country back into Korea.

  4. Trudeau wants more immigration, he thinks it will work in our economy!

    We need to ensure the Canadians already here have jobs before we bring in foreign workers, besides, where are they going to live in this country wide housing shortage??!!!!!

  5. I can maybe understand the need for Korean workers since it is their equipment in the new plant, and maybe only they have the required skills and knowledge to build it, but it looks like everyone who went over the contract with a fine toothed comb is now suddenly shocked and surprised about imported labour, and what were supposed to be Canadian jobs suddenly going to foreigners, even if it is only for a limited time.

  6. Korean as well as Japanese workers are super hard working, no question. I have been visiting factories of both countries a lot and I know. I can agree that IF these "workers" are about new equipment installation, running-in and training, and/or "maybe" a few lead hands (foremen). I don't expect government subsidised projects to use foreigner workers running the production lines.

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    The Only Effective,Potent Antidote to PRC is
    A Nation of 45 Millions Powerful, Indomitable, Trustworthy, Affable Sikhs and 50 Millions Happy Non Sikhs
    Of Independent Sovereign Nation Khalastan.
    Not and Never Untrustworthy
    Yellow Chicken Beggarocracy India

  8. Politicians being honest is not reality. Remember the old saying ,if their lips are moving they’re lying! Especially when they are spending money they don’t have and you will be responsible for paying back. All the while they are collecting big pensions for the rest of their lives .

  9. Another Trudeau scandal. Add another $5billion to the countless dollars stolen from tax payers and citizens. This country has been demolished and sold to the lowest bidders by the liberal party of Canada and the Jagmeet Singh NDP coalition. These people should be jailed for life.


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