Okanagan non-profit organizations devastated by theft – help support them now

‘Shocking and disheartening’: Two Okanagan non-profit organizations hit hard by thieves

“Two Peachland organizations, both devoted to helping those in need, have been devastated by a late-night break-in. Last night, someone broke into the local food bank and Wellness Centre, leaving both organizations with both physical and emotional damage in their wake.

According to Judy Bradford who has been working at the food bank for 39 years, the burglars stole basic supplies like sugar and coffee, along with a case of peaches that she had canned herself. These items are essential to providing meals for the community, especially during this time of year when the need is most pronounced.

Meanwhile, Geoff Trafford, from Peachland’s Wellness Centre, a not-for-profit society that provides social services to the community, reported that the intruders broke into their filing cabinets and computers, leaving behind destruction and shock.

Unfortunately, this sinister act is only adding obstacles to those already in need. As Christmas draws near, the increasing demand for help intensifies, and this incident will only make it harder for the organizations to provide aid.

It is evident that the break-in is not only affecting the organizations on a financial level but also impinging on the sense of security of those who rely on them for support. For the Wellness Centre visitors, the occurrence has instilled fear and concern, taking away the feeling of safety from what they considered to be a secure place. This incident is leaving a lamentable impact on the community and its members.

This devastating event leaves the organizations with a long, uphill journey towards refurbishment, making any help in any form incredibly valuable. The aftermath of the break-in will undoubtedly take time to mend, and the affected organizations are in dire need of financial assistance for repairs and recovery.

To assist the Wellness Centre and the food bank in restoring and continuing their operations, donations are openly accepted. Each small contribution will go a long way in alleviating the distress brought about by this heedless act of treachery. They need our support now more than ever.”



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