MPs Increase Travel Spending as Alouettes Secure Grey Cup Win: 5 Must-Know Updates for Today

5 things to know today: Army called in to Alberta, N.W.T.


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“Canadian MPs have increased their travel expenses, the Montreal Alouettes are celebrating their victory at this year’s Grey Cup, and a new report highlights the climate impacts of the top one per cent. Meanwhile, the passing of former U.S. first lady Rosalynn Carter has left an indelible mark on the world. Here’s what you need to know to start your day:

MP Travel Expenses Surge

Canadian MPs have spent over $14.6 million on travel in the first half of 2023, according to a CTV News analysis of expense reports. This increase in travel spending raises questions and warrants a closer look at how taxpayer money is being allocated.

The Grey Cup Champion

The Montreal Alouettes have secured their eighth Grey Cup, defeating the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in a thrilling 28-24 victory on Sunday. This victory has undoubtedly brought excitement and pride to the Alouettes’ fan base and the city of Montreal.

Climate Crisis and Inequality

A new report has shed light on the disproportionate impact of the top one per cent of earners on driving the climate crisis. Researchers are calling for higher taxes on income, wealth, and corporate profits to address this issue—an important conversation to be had about climate change and inequality.

CRA Claw Back

The Canada Revenue Agency has denied or adjusted $458 million in funds disbursed to employers through a pandemic-era wage subsidy program. This highlights the challenges and complexities associated with managing financial relief programs during times of crisis.

Remembering Rosalynn Carter

Former first lady Rosalynn Carter, who served as a close advisor to Jimmy Carter during his presidency and throughout their decades as global humanitarians, has passed away at the age of 96. Her legacy of compassion and advocacy will continue to inspire many.


As we reflect on these latest developments, it is essential to engage in conversations that shed light on the allocation of public funds, the impact of climate change, the complexities of financial relief programs, and the legacies of influential figures. These diverse topics offer valuable insights and opportunities for meaningful dialogue.”


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