Montreal Alouettes player urges teammates to maintain strong English after Grey Cup win

'Keep your English,' yells Montreal Alouettes player after winning Grey Cup


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“Montreal Alouettes Player Criticizes Lack of French at Grey Cup Victory”

After an epic win in the Grey Cup, Montreal Alouettes player, Marc-Antoine Dequoy, expressed his emotions in a post-victory interview with RDS. He passionately criticized the lack of French during the game, emphasizing that the team had been doubted from the start. Dequoy’s outburst captured the attention of many, igniting discussions about language representation in the CFL.

A Cry for Respect

Throughout the interview, Dequoy voiced his frustration over the dominance of the English language in the game and surrounding events. He pointed out the absence of French in the television guide and the exclusive singing of the national anthem in English during the East Division final. Despite his emotional tirade, Dequoy clarified that his message was not against English-speaking individuals but rather a plea for respect for French Canadians and the French language. He highlighted the CFL as a bilingual league, reflecting the bilingual nature of Canada.

CFL’s Response

In response to Dequoy’s criticism, CFL spokesperson, Lucas Barrett, defended the league’s efforts to incorporate French presence during the Grey Cup festivities. He cited the presence of French signage at festival events, on the field, and around the stadium, as well as bilingual ceremonies, anthem, and digital signage. The rebuttal attempted to showcase the CFL’s commitment to linguistic inclusivity during the event.

A Triumph Amidst Controversy

Despite the controversy surrounding language representation, the Montreal Alouettes celebrated a historic victory, defeating the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in what many have deemed a “Cinderella story.” The win marked the Alouettes’ first CFL title since 2010 and their eighth Grey Cup. The triumph, however, was accompanied by a debate that transcended the boundaries of sports and delved into cultural and linguistic representation.

The Impact of Dequoy’s Words

The emotional outpouring from Marc-Antoine Dequoy sheds light on the complexities of linguistic representation in a bilingual nation. While the CFL made efforts to incorporate French elements into the Grey Cup festivities, Dequoy’s impassioned remarks resonated with those who feel marginalized or underrepresented in the public sphere. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of acknowledging and respecting diverse linguistic and cultural identities, especially in the realm of sports, where unity and inclusivity should prevail.

The discussions sparked by Dequoy’s criticism invite reflection and dialogue on the broader issue of language representation in Canada. It prompts individuals to consider the impact of linguistic inclusivity and the deeper significance of linguistic diversity in shaping national identity. Through Dequoy’s emotional outcry, a compelling conversation emerges, one that holds the potential to foster greater understanding and appreciation for the rich tapestry of languages within Canada.


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