MEP who challenged Pfizer BLAMES government for false claims



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If you look back now it’s incredible what they have done to us with all the masks mandates the vaccine mandates because they were there the people lost their jobs small businesses are are bankrupt still going bankrupt now and to be honest I don’t blame fiser they are

Really a marketing machine making a lot of money for me it’s uh it’s it’s not a very honest way of making money but I blame our governments a for Rebel news in London at the ark conference the push back to the wef I’m here to talk to attendees who you usually wouldn’t have

Access to and what you’re about to watch is one of those interviews so when you finish make sure to like comment and share and then head over to make sure to subscribe to our mailing list and follow me across all socials in case the interview you’re watching now

Might be a little bit too spicy it’ll get me banned off the platform you watch right now follow enjoy so you became an instant hero during Co when uh I guess when you questioned fisa now when I when I brought that up you said to me there’s lots of things

I’ve done but that’s the one everyone talks about first tell us about that and then we want to hear about all the other things that that that you think uh people around the world should know about uh well yeah I make um I made Janine small uh a famous person I think

No I I think it was very important to ask that question because everyone already knew we have seen Omron and everyone who was vaccinated they all get Omron so it it was not helping there was no evidence that the so-called vaccines which let’s call them the shots they were not protecting the

People from spreading the virus was the fiser covid vaccine tested on stopping the transmission of the virus before it entered the market um regarding the question around um did we know about stopping humanization before um it entered the market no after this video all things were gone it was uh done immediately

Even the monkey pox was gone so I think it was important to have that answer questions because it’s such an easy question you make a good point it was such a simple question but it was left to you to ask it and the only way they

Cuz I saw it when they were shooting you down after it went viral they said it was disinformation not the question it was disinformation that you had implied that fisa ever claimed that it stopped the spread correct it was actually governments that claimed on behalf of

Fiser yes that that was that was my point I was not checking fiser I still it’s a disgrace how they make money but I was attacking our governments well we asked Bula when he knew and why he didn’t disclose it straight away and that was another question that the

Mainstream media failed in every single opportunity they had to ask him or governments as well failed to ask him why didn’t you tell us early I know why it’s pretty simple because why would you disclose something especially if the other side’s not interested why would you disclose something that’s going to

Cost you billions of dollars yes yeah well the CEO find um Bula he multiple times said on social media that the vaccine was protecting against the spread of this virus but it was based on nothing and and I think he is one of the person who should be held

Accountable to but why do you think it was up to you to ask that question when the entire mainstream media dropped the ball and so many countries that it’s not like this was one policy by one country it was globally taken on those green passports were instituted every

Everywhere and it was left to Someone Like You in the European Parliament to ask that question that back home in Australia our government should have asked I think every journalist should have asked that question but I was accused by spreading disinformation because fiser never said it was tested on stopping the spreading

So I was spreading thisinformation but it’s it’s really ridiculous and to be honest I don’t blame fiser they are really a marketing machine making a lot of money for me it’s uh it’s it’s not a very honest way of making money but I blame our governments because they

Forced us into a world that was if you look back now it’s incredible what they have done to us with all the masks mandates the vaccine mandates because they were there the people lost their jobs small businesses are are bankrupt still going bankrupt now it was a horrible time and our governments at

That time were really responsible and I really want to forgive those people who said uh we have to do this but there are a certain amount of people who did it on on purpose and I think they still should be held accountable so back to what you

Were saying you you told me everybody knows you about um that question for fisa which was I I think which really gave people hope that there was that there was somebody within the system fighting for them what are the other things that you think people should know

About the work you did in that period Well I’m an electrical engineer but but I’m I’m an entrepreneur all my life I had an engineering company in uh in energy um I’m in energy for 30 years and what we see with uh with climate change it’s pretty similar that what we have

Seen with Co they are abusing fear to get people in a certain direction it’s a matter of fact if you want to control people’s life you have to control CO2 because everything we do in our daily lives leads to CO2 emissions breathing eating traveling living everything so

It’s it’s it’s kind of similar to this covid uh situation you create fear to push people in a certain direction and from there you can centralize the power what we see in Europe they abuse the green deal to to give more power to Brussels and they created their own

Energy shortages by doing this crazy transition but if you really think what’s going on it’s it’s about degrowth this is what the Socialist and the leftist really want from us degrowth and I want prosperity for people so we need more energy and that’s possible we can

Create as much energy as we want as clean as as we want uh but but uh then you need to include nuclear energy 30 years experience how dare you have more experience than Greta thumberg well that’s also a joke I never mention her because I I think she is a kind of

Mascot or something like that we had a hearing in the European Parliament and they invited greata turnberg who is a child who never finished school and they refused to ask for Professor nordhouse who is a climate econome and Nobel Prize winner in 2018 so this it’s all about

Symbol politics and it’s not about real Illusions it’s not about helping the people they abused her to to get more young people scared and into their movement but to be honest it’s a great strategy to gain power and um yeah I think the arc is now uh a counter

Movement and it’s so important that we do that like the whole argument through Co was when people had an opinion that was the wrong opinion they said trust the experts yes why with Greta is she the expert for the left on climate of course is she not she’s not the expert

And it we’re going to have to cut that misinformation no but that is the real point it’s all about uh marketing and they are very good at that and we see that with energy we see that with Co there were so many doctors and Health Specialists that were silenced um I was

Also canceled from the social media for just sharing my own videos and it it just questioning the commission which is my task as a representative of the people asking critical questions it was just not allowed so you can ask yourself the question in what kind of democracy

Do we live if we can not have free speech anymore and it’s becoming worse and worse because now they are fighting disinformation you know and now they created the digital Service Act in in Europe I was one of the negotiators on on that file also and um yeah now they

Can make everything this information so it’s really scary what’s going on and we really need to push back do you have hope that it’s possible to push back and that you can win this fight well uh that’s a good question I don’t know but uh it’s never too late to fight um and

We should have hope but it’s it’s a difficult fight and it’s not an Fair competition anymore but let’s see we I see a lot of more conservative governments coming up in Europe um so that’s important because then we have more prime ministers in the European Council

And that’s is the the really the the important place where things are decided so there is hope uh but it’s a tough fight and um yeah maybe um we have to be some meaner we are maybe we are too polite and always try to find arguments but um we have to work

Hard I’m not sure which interview you just watched because could be one of many I’ve done here at the ark but if you you enjoyed it make sure to like comment but most importantly share it far and wide because I assume it’s one that the mainstream media would not dare

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In a revealing interview at the ARC conference in London, European Parliament member Robert Roos discussed the profound impact of COVID-19 policies, pointing fingers at governments rather than pharmaceutical giants.

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  1. Pfizer is a criminal enterprise that should be investigate and prosecute for criminal activity. They should refund the money they make from the crisis to at least pay for the injured by their products.

  2. Have there been any updates about the Thai Princess who went into a coma and will never recover after her third experimental gene therapy injection? She was denied informed consent because Pfizer intentionally hid data about the 1,291 known side effects of their product. Last I heard, the government of Thailand nullified the contract since it was based on deceit. The Thai government wants its money back to help make the vaccine injured whole to the extent possible.

  3. And still the governments ALL around the world are still doubling down. They do not want to admit they were wrong about the shots. The UK NIH, the Australian TGA, the American FDA should have pulled the shots years ago but they ALL are still pushing the same garbage. Pfizers own documents show they knew all that is coming out now back in 2021.

  4. 🇨🇦
    Dont trust Any government !
    Your life will be better.
    Once you allow their propaganda to upset you they win.
    It's about Fear ! Control ! Power !
    The motto of the WEF ! Lol 😂

  5. By this faith you are SAVED [reborn from above—spiritually transformed, renewed, and set apart for His purpose], if you hold firmly to the word which I preached to you, unless you believed in vain [just superficially and without complete commitment]. For I passed on to you as of first importance what I also received, that Christ died for our sins according to [that which] the Scriptures [foretold], and that He was buried, and that He was [bodily] raised on the third day according to [that which] the Scriptures [foretold]. ( 1 Co 15:2-4) ⓘ See Playlist.

  6. all involved makers pushers government should face at the very least is a Nuremberg 2.0 trials .also some very key figures need to go to jail for what is crimes against humanity for there part in one of the biggest scams in history. the people need this to go forth. while were at it no to the who treaty and the wef they to need to go to jail pipe dream yes but it would be justice just a thought.

  7. The youtube channel CHINA UNCENSORED showed footage of chinese people who would fall over injuried or play dead for the ability to sue those that touch them first. This footage matches the original covid clip of a person falling over in the street.

  8. People, we still have along way to go in the fight!! The battle is only half done!! We need to step up in the Court systems and start sueing for misrepresentation of these shots, misleading the public, uninformed concent, damages, start sueing anywhere we can with class action lawsuits!!

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