Matt Strauss, former Ontario medical officer, secures Conservative nomination

Former Ontario medical officer Matt Strauss wins Conservative nomination


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“Former Ontario medical officer Matt Strauss has confirmed his nomination as the Conservative candidate for Kitchener–South Hespeler in the next election. Announced via Twitter, Strauss expressed his gratitude to the Conservatives of his hometown for choosing him. However, his journey into politics has been overshadowed by controversies due to his stance on Covid-19 mandates and related public health measures.

Battle Over Covid-19 Measures

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Strauss faced backlash for his opposition to lockdowns and vaccine mandates. In a tweet, he reflected on the challenges faced during the pandemic and highlighted the unity now present in standing up for freedom and common sense. As a physician who served as Haldimand-Norfolk’s acting medical officer of health, he voiced his disagreement with the broad nature of restrictive public health measures and advocated for an individualized approach.

Opinions vs. Science

Expressing his stance on vaccines, Strauss declared himself as pro-vaccine and anti-mandate. However, he received criticism for his views on issues like the use of ivermectin and subsequently faced public scrutiny. Despite welcoming conversations and fair criticisms of his science-based views, Strauss had to defend himself against alleged ad hominem attacks and attempts to politicize his appointment. Moreover, his relations with Queen’s University turned sour, leading to a lawsuit against the institution.

Passion for Service

Despite the controversies, Strauss’s passion for serving the community shines through. He expressed his gratitude to his supporters and pledged to uphold their trust after his nomination. His journey into politics is underscored by a desire to represent and serve the constituents of Kitchener–South Hespeler faithfully.

In conclusion, Matt Strauss’s foray into politics is marked by controversy and resilience. While the debates around his stance on COVID-19 measures continue, his commitment to the community appears unwavering. His nomination is undoubtedly a significant step in his journey, raising discussions on balancing personal opinions, scientific principles, and public service. As he ventures into the political arena, his ability to address the concerns of his constituents will be closely watched, offering a glimpse into the interplay of public health, personal freedom, and political leadership.”


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