Listen as Alan Tudyk brings Canadian missing llamas to life with his voice

WATCH: Alan Tudyk give voices to Canadian missing llamas


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“Renowned actor Alan Tudyk was captivated by the story of three runaway llamas from a farm in Ontario. His fascination with the escapade led him to give the llamas a voice in a playful and entertaining interview on CTV’s Your Morning. Tudyk, known for his acclaimed voiceover work, lent his talents to imagine the inner thoughts of the missing llamas, bringing humor and charm to the situation.

The Tale of the Runaway Llamas

Last week, two llamas, Lluka and Todd, managed to break free from their farm in The Blue Mountains, with the third llama, Llewis, eluding capture until Monday morning. This amusing escapade caught the attention of Tudyk, who, in true performer fashion, provided witty and endearing voices for the llamas, showcasing his remarkable skill in voice acting.

From Animated Characters to Real-Life Heroes

Tudyk, the Emmy award winner, has an impressive resume of voicing memorable characters in animated films such as Iago from Disney’s “Aladdin” and Hei Hei from “Moana.” His versatile talents also extend to live-action movies, where he has left a lasting impression on audiences. In a lighthearted moment during the interview, Tudyk compared the challenges of on-screen acting to the seemingly effortless process of voiceover work.

The Rewards of Performance

In discussing his latest role as Valentino the goat in the upcoming Disney movie “Wish,” Tudyk highlighted the creative collaboration and rewarding nature of voice acting. He emphasized the unique back-and-forth exchange with animators, providing insight into the intriguing process of bringing animated characters to life.

A Thought-Provoking Conclusion

Tudyk’s playful impressions of the runaway llamas brought laughter and joy to audiences, shedding light on the artistry behind voice acting. As the story of the missing llamas fades from the headlines, Tudyk’s imaginative portrayal serves as a reminder of the impact of entertainment and creativity in our lives. In a world filled with uncertainty, sometimes a lighthearted moment can provide a much-needed break from the daily grind. So, here’s to the escapades of Lluka, Todd, and Llewis, and the delightful voice of Alan Tudyk bringing their story to life.”


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