Israel-Hamas hostage deal reportedly ‘within reach’



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Now the fighting comes amid growing hope that there is a deal to release hundreds of hostages being held by Hamas that deal could soon be reached Israel’s war cabinet met late into the night to discuss ctv’s Tony Grace joins me now with the latest on that so um Tony we

Started to hear this news over the weekend what’s the latest this morning on the negotiations around these hostages are we any closer to seeing people being released today close than ever is the term that we’re hearing this morning Marcia which is in line with what senior us officials were saying

Yesterday but keep in mind this is a very complicated process you’ve got Israel Hamas to a certain extent the US involved in these negotiations and of course Qatar mediating so a lot of the the Topline information we were getting over the weekend and that we continue to

Watch for today is from the Qatari prime minister and Senior Qatari officials who probably have the best handle on how these negotiations are going sticking points continue to be you know how many hostages will be released how many many foreign Nationals will be among those hostages how many Palestinians will be

Released from Israeli jails in exchange in exchange exactly and not only that but this whole idea of how long will the window be where the fighting stops you know will it be multiple days will it be multiple hours within each day over a 3 to 5 day period a lot of details that

Still aren’t coming forward yet and to the families of course who are waiting for word on those hostages all of those details are important and I think a lot of people might be wondering Tony what’s in it for Hamas to release these hostages and how we hear you that this

Is close but how fragile is this agreement if you will call it that at this point very and and and that’s that’s what the world is looking at right now and I think this week is going to be very key week in telling us where

The road map goes next if you if you if you look at what anyone involved in in handling the most sensitive information in this conflict is saying they are all centering their their focus and their comments around this deal so to your point yes very very fragile and both

Sides have a lot at stake here in ensuring that this that this deal is not only successful but that it advances um the road map in a way that’s going to to to bring this conflict uh to some sort of a turning point 45 days 45 Tony thank

You for that update keep us posted please

CTV’s Tony Grace explains what goes into talks about the release of hostages, and who is involved.

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