Iranian rapper Toomaj released on bail after more than a year of arbitrary imprisonment

Prominent Iranian rapper Toomaj freed on bail after over a year of arbitrary detention


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“In Iran, the recent release of rapper Toomaj Salehi has left many feeling bittersweet. After being detained for over a year, including 252 days in solitary confinement, his release did not go as planned. Instead of welcoming him home in a grand celebration, authorities secretly dropped him off at an undisclosed location, denying his family the opportunity for a warm reunion.

Tortured and broken, Toomaj gained the nickname ‘Lion of Iran’ for his outspoken criticism of the regime. His release was met with mixed emotions, as his closest confidante, Negin Niknaam, points to the urgent need for medical care that was unjustly denied throughout his imprisonment.

The timing of Toomaj’s release strategically aligns with the regime’s aim to dampen growing public discontent, as Iran has been caught in a recurring cycle of anti-regime protests. Independent journalist Hedie Kimiaee argues that the regime is scared of a potential spark that could trigger larger protests, ultimately leading to its downfall.

However, Toomaj’s release comes with a cautious response from political sponsor Ye One-Rhie, who emphasizes that charges against the artist are still pending. She views his release on bail as a diversionary tactic by authorities to distract from their ‘unjust regime.’ With the looming possibility of facing pressure and censorship from the intelligence apparatus, Toomaj’s freedom may not be as free as it seems.

The case of Toomaj Salehi sheds light on the vital role of international media in exposing those imprisoned by the Iranian regime, potentially saving lives. While his release may seemingly be a step towards freedom, his story serves as a reminder of the many prisoners and human rights activists who remain in prison, with their names unknown to the world. As we await Toomaj’s next move and uncertain future, his courage and determination in speaking out against the regime serve as a powerful reminder of the ongoing fight for justice and freedom in Iran.”


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