Heavy fighting breaks out at another Gaza hospital


We have the latest now from the war between Israel and Hamas Israel’s military is again signaling the ground offensive may move into Southern Gaza civilians in the conun where tens of thousands have been Sheltering are being urged to move meanwhile Israeli forces are pushing ahead in Northern

Gaza this is video released today by the Israeli military showing ground forces in the Gaza Strip it is carefully edited and there is no word on where or when it was recorded Israel’s military says the ground offensive is expanding and civilians inside gaza’s largest refugee camp are also being told to

Leave and there was also reporting that Israeli troops are advancing on another hospital in Northern Gaza Sarah Coats has the latest on that we’re hearing about heavy fighting right around the Indonesian Hospital which is also in the northern part of the Gaza Strip now these health workers

In inside that hospital are saying that there are tanks and there are also pictures coming in from the ground showing this surrounding the perimeter of this Indonesian hospital with others saying that they are too afraid to move because of the shooting going on now there was also Travis a report of an air

Strike on this same Hospital a little earlier today that is unconfirmed at this point but according to Palestinian Health officials at least 12 people were killed in that and many more injured we haven’t heard any comment on this yet from the Israeli uh government now further down south in KH unas which is

In the south of the strip leaflets continue to be dropped on homes there warning these people to evacuate to a safe place amid concern that there may be a widening of this military operation in the Gaza street but look the real concern is where are these people going

To go I’m sure you can see this wild weather behind me that is also happening down in the Gaza Strip with many people having literally nowhere to shelter and Sarah I understand that there’s more reporting this morning on a possible pause in the fighting as part of a deal

To release hostages held by Hamas tell us the latest there look according to the qari Prime Minister only very Minor Details need to be agreed on we’ve also heard from Israel’s ambassador to the United States saying he’s hopeful that a deal will be reached in the next few days now what is

Potentially looking like is 50 women and children being taken out of the Gaza strip being held there by Hamas uh with people ladies and uh children brought back uh from Israeli prisons we could uh see around 150 Palestinian prisoners swapped for these hostages now it could

Also include a 3 to 5 day whes in fighting as well as more humanitarian Aid into the Gaza Strip and look these families of these people that are being held inside the Gaza Strip have been extremely vocal they’re extremely angry and extremely worried about their loved ones just given this continued military

Operation inside the strip they are worried that these air strikes on the Strip will actually cause the death of their loved ones rather than these Hamas Fighters so certainly a lot of pressure on the Benjamin Netanyahu government to get these people out as soon as possible

Sarah Coats for us there in Tel Aviv

Israeli tanks surrounded the Indonesian Hospital in northern Gaza and at least 12 Palestinians were killed and dozens wounded by firing into the complex, health officials say.

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