Grey Cup champs Montreal Alouettes back home after thrilling victory



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The Montreal aletes have won the 110th great cup and they sealed the deal in dramatic Style with just 11 seconds to go inside the Winnipeg 20 down by three time running out it’s all touchdown Tyson Philpot as the catch that has put montre all ahead in the great cup with 11

Seconds to go Tyson philp pod scored that winning touchdown down he was named the top Canadian in the game and Carries On the family Legacy his father was on the BC Lions 1994 gray Cup Championship team and Montreal’s quarterb quarterback rather Cody Fardo was named gray cup

MVP and this now was the scene at Montreal’s airport this morning as the gray Cup champions arrived home the aletes went in as underdogs but stun the Winnipeg Blue Bombers with their 28 to 24 win it’s their eighth grade cup title and they’re first in more than a decade

The cbc’s cuina aduro was at the Marbel airport when the team touchdown the mtra aletes are all smiles today they hopped off that plane and Mustafa Johnson walked down those stairs with the gray Cup in his hand and his shirt off it is cold in Montreal right

Now but the aletes are very happy with their performance in last night’s gray Cup game where they won 28 to 24 beating the Winnipeg Blue Bombers now I spoke to coach Jason Moss and he says that he’s proud of his team because the reason why

They won is that they played as a unit I don’t think everything’s settled in set set in just yet about what this team has accomplished um it was a goal we all had at the beginning of the year but it wasn’t our focus our Focus was on

Working hard and and coming together and and playing for someone other than ourselves Montreal quarterback Cody Fardo was named the MVP of the the game he had three touchdowns and one interception and he really led the Montreal aletes to the victory when they needed him most in the fourth quarter

Last 13 seconds he had a touchdown drive and that’s how Montreal came on top and he says that it was because of his wife that he decided to come to Montreal and continue playing football everybody believed and everybody knew that this year was special and there was a lot of

Things to be special about and uh having that cup on that plane home uh makes all the Blood The Sweat The Tears all worth it now the celebrations are not done for the Montreal aletes they have a parade on Wednesday where they are going to celebrate with all their fans now

Something that the Montreal aletes have been saying is that their fans are the only people amongst them and also the people in the locker room who believed in them and who believed that they could become the great Cup champions it’s the first time that the aletes have won the

Great Cup in 13 years the last time being in 20 10 so they are going to enjoy a bit of rest and celebration with their families before they head to the parade on Wednesday and then they will take a long break in the off season before trying to repeat as champions in

The CFL kuino Duro CBC News Mirabel

The Montreal Alouettes returned home Monday morning after beating the Winnipeg Blue Bombers with a late-game touchdown to win the 2023 Grey Cup.

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