Global National: Nov. 20, 2023 | Fate of captured Hamas militants sparks fierce debate



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On this Monday night signs a Gaza hostage deal is close as families of the captives clash with far-right lawmakers who want Hamas militants executed and newborns evacuated from Gaza get a chance at life give them shelter a preview of the federal plan for affordable housing open Revolt at open AI why the

CEO was ousted and hundreds of employees are threatening to quit and New Brunswick’s new rock stars and I thought it was a joke the astronomical feat of three amateur astronomers global national with Donna freezen good evening and thanks for joining us there appears to be progress

On the release of some of the hostages in Gaza American President Joe Biden said today he believes a deal brokered by the US uncut is close it’s thought to involve about 50 hostages and a limited pause in fighting to allow humanitarian Aid in there’s also some good news about

28 premature babies in intensive care in Gaza they are now in Egypt after being loaded into Mobile incubators and ambulances at the Rafa crossing the who says 11 of them are in critical condition five others died before they could make the journey the evacuation was risky an air strike on the southern

City of hanun has killed multiple people people and there are reports Israeli forces are closing in on another hospital the Indonesian hospital where gaza’s Health Ministry says at least 12 people were killed by Israeli shelling Israel captured a number of Hamas Fighters after the October 7th attack and there’s an intense debate underway

Over what to do with them far-right politicians want to use the death penalty and have them executed relatives of some of the hostages are deeply opposed to that Mike Armstrong on how the hostage crisis is exposing deep divisions in Israel and a warning some of the images in the story are

Distressing this was not how things were supposed to go families of the hostages have for weeks called for a voice at the table with lawmakers well voices were raised Linda Dan Calderone has three family members believed to be held by Hamas she says some in the government

Are more focused on Revenge than getting hostages back with every day that passes there are new videos of the horrors of October 7th This One released Monday shows Hamas Fighters chasing and executing civilians one thing the videos have done is ratchet up the anger now on that day Israel captured

About 200 Hamas Fighters The Burning question now is what to do with them well the far right national security minister wants those prisoners tried and executed edir benir told the families the death penalty is a must to prevent another Massacre another disaster he says yarden gan’s sister is believed to

Be a hostage she says the time to debate the death penalty will come but it’s not now the fear for some of the families that talk of capital punishment could provoke retaliation at a time when their loved ones are still in the hands of Hamas adalan is one of those who had eluded

Justice for 15 years now Israel does have the death penalty on the books but it hasn’t been used in more than six decades the last time was German Nazi Adolf ikan hanged in 1962 even if in the past we did something to Min she says we’re not a Revenge seeking

Nation now Israel has also captured about 300 Hamas Fighters during its ground offensive Israeli Defense Forces say interrogations with those prisoners have helped expose Hamas operations and confirmed targets but those are prisoners Israel will have to deal with as well now for many of the families what makes talk of executions

Particularly painful at this point is the timing it comes as there is finally hope of deal that could lead to the release of some of the hostages Donna all right Mike Armstrong in Jerusalem tonight thanks today the UN Secretary General said the world is witnessing the killing of civilians in Gaza that is

Unparalleled and unprecedented he said in any conflict since he took office according to gaza’s health Ministry more than 13,000 people have been killed more than 5,500 of them children and of the 2.3 million people in Gaza the UN says 1.7 million have now been displaced from

Their homes a group of Canadian MPS has arrived in Israel as part of what they call a bipartisan trip to show solidarity with the country two liberals and three conservatives are among a larger delegation that includes Canadian Jewish leaders they’ll be meeting with some of their Israeli counterparts and

Survivors of the October 7th attacks not all of those killed and taken hostage on October 7th were Israeli migrant workers from Thailand were victims too caught in a massacre that has nothing to do with them their story coming up a little later the American defense secretary announced

$100 million in new military aid for Ukraine today during an unannounced visit to keev we welome Lloyd Austin told Ukrainian President Vladimir zalinski Ukraine’s effort to defeat Russia matters to the rest of the world the US has provided $44 billion dollar in security Aid since that War Began 21

Months ago there is drama unfolding at the company which created chat GPT employees at open AI are in open Revolt Microsoft has hired the company’s former CEO Sam Alton and now 500 employees of open AI are threatening to quit Eric Sorenson explains fast-moving events at one of silicon Valley’s top

Companies for a company pioneering artificial intelligence it seems genuine human bungling can still occur if this technology goes wrong it can go quite wrong Sam Alman as much as anyone the human face on artificial intelligence was fired by open ai’s nonprofit board the reason given he was not consistently

Candid in his Communications with the board but there has been growing tension at open AI between its mandate to benefit humanity and its move to commercialize what it’s doing as intelligence gets integrated everywhere we will all have superpowers on demand they haven’t said specifically that it was about Sam moving too fast to

Commercialize this stuff but that’s the sense that that I think a lot of people are getting no sooner had open ai’s board ousted Altman then another co-founder Greg Brockman quit almost as quickly open AI tried to reinstate Altman but he and Brockman were already being hired by Microsoft open ai’s

Largest investor to head up a new AI team now open AI has appointed EMT Shear formerly of twitch as interim CEO he says he will hire an independent investigator to look into what the board has done dig into the entire process and generate a full report most of open ai’s

700 employees had threatened to quit if Alman wasn’t reinstated could many now follow him to Microsoft could it be the end of open AI what we saw over the weekend is it’s not the company that creates technology it is the people and talent is fluid Microsoft CEO SATA

Nadella was on stage with Altman just two weeks ago how is Microsoft thinking about the partnership currently first we love you guys I think satin nadell has has played a very strong hand you know incredibly well and and right now it seems like he’s going to sort of acquire most of the company

And it it feels very much like Microsoft is come out the winner here experts say in the big picture the public must engage with how to deal with AI in our lives a lot of conversations are happening around the world including in Canada on how to govern this technology

Artificial intelligence is coming and with humans involved it could be a bumpy ride Eric senson Global News Toronto there is a troubling indicator about global warming preliminary data shows the Earth has breached a critical temperature threshold for the first time in recorded history on Friday according to Europe’s Cernic’s climate monitor the

Global average temperature was more than 2 degrees higher than pre-industrial Lev levels it happened on Saturday too the data surpasses the limits set out in the Paris climate Accord in 2015 that’s when global leaders agreed to work towards capping the rise of global temperatures at 1.5° above pre-industrial Ral levels

As Jackson prco reports carbon cutting policies haven’t done enough to reduce emissions though it’s still only spring in Brazil temperatures have already outpaced the depths of Summer the heat index reached 58 deges C in Rio Saturday pushing the limits of survival The Future Has Arrived said this local climate expert we will

Collect what we SED for decades of negligence Planet wide temperatures are obliterating records scientists confirm Earth briefly surpassed the 2 degree warming limit set out in the Paris climate Accord part of a disturbing long-term Trend the temperature we are experiencing in these days are unprecedented in in our civilization in

The last thousands in hundred of thousand of years temperature is just part of the story floods droughts and fires have all been supercharged by climate change yet countries are missing their emission targets the world’s fossil fuel producers are planning a massive increase in production blowing past the

World’s carbon budget twice over at a time when they should be cutting emissions the emissions Gap is more like an emissions Canyon a canyon LED with broken promises broken lives and broken records without drastic changes the UN warns the world is firmly on track to

See 3° in warming by the end of the century a catastrophic point of no return threatening the future of humanity we will see maybe 10 times as many uh extreme weather events we’re also risking that large parts of the world might become uninhabitable these dire warnings come just a week before

The cop 28 climate conference where world leaders will be urged to strike a drastic New Deal on emissions to keep the global average temperature from Rising by more than 2 degre C the UN warns that countries will need to slash emissions by 28% before the end of this decade Jackson prco Global News

Washington Federal Finance Minister chrisa Freeland will present Canada’s fall economic update tomorrow it’s expected to make billions of dollars in loans available for home building and establish a fund to build more affordable housing Mercedes Stevenson is with me from Ottawa Mercedes what more do you know Donna a senior government

Source says this update will be focused on two main themes housing and affordability both have been major challenges for the government in policy and perhaps even more so in the polls tomorrow the Liberals will announce three significant measures aimed at creating more housing and helping to keep people in their homes the first

Measure is a carrot for the construction industry to build more homes the government will announce $15 billion in loans issued directly from the cmhc to builders that money will result in the construction of approximately 30,000 Apartments according to my source the next measure is a stick designed to

Crack down on short-term rentals like airbnbs the tax department will no longer allow Canadians to write off their short-term rental property expenses if the owner lives in a municipality or a province that bans them or if they’re not up to date on their certifications and Licensing this

Could create a steep income tax penalty and encourage returning these homes to the long-term rental market the final measure is essentially a mortgage holders Charter of Rights it will allow homeowners to temporarily amortize their mortgage over a longer period and to avoid penalties for delayed payments in some situations financial institutions

Will also have to warn mortgage holders 6 months before their renewal so they can comparison shop and if they find a better deal with another lender they won’t have to pass a stress test to change Banks Donna all right Mercedes Stevenson in Ottawa thanks they were in

Israel working hard to send money home coming up the migrant workers from Thailand Hill captive and caught in Israel’s war on Hamas those taken hostage in Gaza are into their 45th day in captivity the Hamas attacks on October 7th targeted Israeli communities but more than 20 Thai Nationals are believed to be held

Hostage 32 other Thai citizens are thought to have been killed they were among thousands of Thai Nationals working on Israeli Farms along the border with Gaza Danielle Hamin reports on the victims caught in the conflict between Hamas and Israel and a warning the images in her story are

Graphic the harvest season is over and all 13 men who worked on this Vineyard in Southwest Israel before October 7th remain today even when 7,000 agricultural workers chose to return to Thailand like everyone else who lives and works in this country they know what to do when the aate siren goes off

We would do exactly what they did he tells us we would run to the safe room the entrance to the thae worker safe room in kibuts near o feels like a moment Frozen in time while Hamas militants went on a rampage some of the workers sought Refuge here but instead

They were slaughtered one look inside and no description of the massacre that unfolded is needed 16 men used to live and earn a living on this kibuts working the fields and sending money to family back home five of them are unaccounted for the rest are confirmed dead there’s not an

Inch here that hasn’t been ransacked or destroyed behind me one of the bedrooms it’s covered in blood and you can still smell after a whole month the stench of death there was nowhere to hide and there was no mercy sh shown to foreigners dozens of th men were killed

That day along with other foreign laborers as for those missing Thai officials have been given no proof of Life all they know is what they’ve seen in photos and videos and based on that they believe 25 are being held captive by Hamas in Gaza we do hope that the first group of

Hostage should be should have some TI people it’s believed that Tha Nationals make up the second largest group of hostages after Israelis how do you explain what happened to the Thai workers given that they have absolutely nothing to do with the Israeli Palestinian conflict that’s what we don’t understand as well you

Know the Tai people they came here to work in the farm in in agricultural sector officials in Thailand say they’ve held direct talks with Hamas in Iran bypassing Israel and have been told Tha hostages would be released at the right time as Israel’s war against Hamas rages

On when the right time could be is anyone’s guess Danielle Haman Jin Global News in kibuts near o still ahead India’s latest strategy to reach workers trapped in a Tunnel 41 construction workers in India are entering their 10th day trapped inside a tunnel part of it collapsed and they’re stuck behind more than 50 MERS of rock there is a huge operation to try to reach them but it’s been plagued by equipment failur and fears of a new

Collapse Redmond Shannon explains why rescue teams have gone back to the drawing board after more than a week of failed rescue attempts at the highway tunnel project some good news on Monday even if it’s not the good news that the families of the 41 trapped construction workers have been waiting

For this Indian official said a 15 cm wide pipe has broken through to reach the men allowing Rescuers to send in hot food before now a smaller pipe was used to deliver dry food water and oxygen the road tunnel is in a region of the lower Himalayas the workers are stuck behind

About 53 M of rock that collapsed into the tunnel not far from the southern entrance on Friday teams suspended efforts to dig horizontally over fears of another collapse now Engineers have a brand new plan to dig down vertically from the hilltop first they need to build a road

To get the drills directly above the tunnel this International tunneling expert has arrived as part consultant part cheerleader we’re going to get those men now what I’ve seen seriously what I’ve seen there are great great works being done this this is going to happen some residents have reportedly

Blamed the collapse on the wrath of a local deity after a temple was moved to make way for the highway tunnel others are angry that politicians broke their promises about the rescue timeline as for how long it takes everyone here agrees we want the men out

Safe and The Rescuers safe and that’s as that’s as long as it takes just like the Chilean miners rescue in 2010 teams aim to dig multiple tunnels at once to increase their chances this dig is much shallower than Chile about 100 m down rather than 700

But in a region prone to landslides some Divine forgiveness sure wouldn’t go astray Redmond Channon Global News London next the New Brunswick amateur astronomers who just got an out of this world Honor most people take on a hobby because they love it not because it’s going to lead to something big well three amateur astronomers from the maritimes are celebrating something big an asteroid has been named after them not because they discovered it but because of their shared passion for

Astronomy Heidi petruk introduces us to the new rock stars and I thought it was a joke three new brunswickers passionate about astronomy now have an asteroid more than 550 million kilometers away named after them we would never have dreamt it never their particular Rock once only known as Number

220 now called me pack for Mike Paul and Chris I wasn’t expecting that from my hobby in any way shape manner or form to see their asteroid you would need a telescope like this one at the Burke Gaffney observatory in Halifax’s St Mary’s University because these minor planets as they’re known are relatively

Small dim and difficult to make out the tradition going back 200 years is that asteroids are named by their discoverers but modern technology means scientists detect many more asteroids in space these days far too many to name themselves so organizations like the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada submit nominations from local clubs and

So their Club nominated the three of them for the work they’ve been doing just before the covid-19 pandemic is when the trio launched their own weekly Show online encouraging others to gaze towards the stars with them I always say we’re all looking at the same

Moon so um you no matter where you are in the world so now their names are recorded forever in astronomical history who’s get the mineral rights that’s what I want to know even as their feet are planted firmly on the ground Heidi petruk Global News hellofax love those guys and that is

Global national for this Monday I’m Donna FZ tonight’s your Canada is Montreal where the alets are celebrating their first gray cup win since 2010 they pulled off a last minute comeback to upset the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in Canada’s biggest football game of the year sorry Winnipeg thanks for watching

I’ll see you again on Wednesday bye-bye

Far-right Israeli lawmakers want the death penalty imposed on captured Hamas militants, but families of hostages are against the idea. Mike Armstrong explains why and how the proposal sparked a heated debate, as the crisis exposes deep divisions in Israel.

Days after the board at OpenAI, the artificial intelligence company that launched ChatGPT, fired Sam Altman as CEO, most of the company’s employees are now threatening to quit. Eric Sorensen explains what they’re demanding and how Microsoft is rolling out the welcome mat for Altman and extending an offer to his supportive colleagues.

In a troubling indicator about global warming, the global average temperature was recently more than two degrees Celsius higher than pre-industrial levels for the first time in recorded history, according to the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S). Jackson Proskow explains how it’s a breach of a limit agreed upon in the 2015 Paris Agreement and how the world hasn’t done enough to cut carbon emissions.

With the federal Liberals pressured to address the housing crisis, their fall economic update is set to focus on that and affordability. Mercedes Stephenson explains the three major measures Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland is expected to unveil.

While Hamas’ Oct. 7 attacks targeted Israeli communities, 32 Thai nationals are believed to have been killed, while 25 others are believed to be held hostage. Daniele Hamamdjian explains how these innocent people became caught up in a conflict they had no involvement in.

Crews in India are shifting to a new strategy to save 41 construction workers trapped in a tunnel since Nov. 10. Redmond Shannon explains what’s plagued the rescue mission so far, what the new plan is and the criticism surrounding the complex operation.
While asteroids are usually named after whoever discovers them, one space rock has been named after a trio of amateur astronomers. Heidi Petracek explains what these three friends became rock stars of a different sort.

Plus, while asteroids are usually named after whoever discovers them, one space rock has been named after a trio of amateur astronomers. Heidi Petracek explains what these three friends became rock stars of a different sort.

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