‘Feminist’ study of RCMP firearms usage reveals that actually, men are stronger than women



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5 years after we first requested it way back in 2018 we just obtained the gender based analysis plus from the RCMP in their efforts to buy new sidearms and there’s no getting around it their little feminist study actually showed that we ladies are indeed the more delicate

Sex thank you to everyone who donated at our special access filings and research fund at Rebel investigates docomo possible today we’re looking at the quote comprehensive multi-year gender-based analysis Plus or GBA plus project that aimed to evaluate the rcmp’s standard issued pistol the Smith and Wesson 5946 in light of the

Government of Canada’s diversity and inclusion priority from the status of women Canada back in 2017 and in these RCMP documents regardless of how the Liberals constantly prein about there being no biological differences between men and women and transmen and men and trans women and women the research

Conducted on behalf of the RCMP during their seemingly NeverEnding analysis process to replace the Smith and Wesson 5946 shows that there are clearly differences one of the reasons for the sidearm replacement was that nearly 60% of female members were flunking their range tests their annual Firearms qualification or afq test so the

Government thought there might be some issue with the gun making it difficult for women members to use so academics and the RCMP started studying being the issue and found good old-fashioned sex differences the exact same ones we find repeated over and over in the mammal Kingdom well those were to blame look at

This the first study examined member involved to shooting incidents across 12 years and found that compared to male officers females demonstrated a lower hit rate although this difference was not significant a variety of other factors such as lighting and distance from the subject also had an effect on

Hit rate overall the findings suggest Ed that various features impact shooting accuracy potentially affecting officer and Public Safety in order to better understand the factors influencing shooting ability a second study was conducted examining officer performance on the annual Firearms qualification analysis of divisional afq data revealed that during their career

More than half or 58.9% of all female officers failed the afq at least once whereas less than a quarter 23.8% of males failed the findings suggested that differences in shooting ability relate to gender potentially putting females at a disadvantage a follow-up study was conducted to more closely examine the reasons for failing

The afq and to determine whether or not the problems identified truly varied as a function of gender and or and anthropometric characteristics basic firearm instructors reported several differences between males and females suggesting that females were more likely to experience issues with pacing shot recoil anticipation mid- ranging and fatigue in comparison to males

Approximately 118 members volunteered to have their grip strength measured prior to completing their afq examin ation analyses indicated that approximately 21.9% of females failed the afq while 8% of males failed the test further analyses suggested that there was a significant difference between male and female members grip strength such that

Males demonstrated significantly higher grip strength scores relative to females the findings were critical as they indicated What specifically I.E grip strength was contributing to the lower scores by female members a study was thus conducted to determine which features for example trigger pull if any might mitigate the effect of grip

Strength and be best suited to the varying demographics of the RCMP I guess there really is something to biological reality and sex differences that we just can’t get around and even the RCMP and the government is forced to acknowledge it and maybe that should have been a

Consideration before the RCMP went on a recruitment drive to raise female membership to 30% from the current 22% I’m nowhere near done with these documents yet I’ll still have follow-up reports relating to the communications between the RCMP and the academics hired by Public Safety to look at the

Procurement of the RCMP sidearm through the lens of the intersection of gender identity and feelings and emotions for Rebel news I’m Sheila gun Reed the story was made possible through your generous crowdfunding donations to a special investigations website Rebel investigates docomo donates to make this important work possible

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A gender-based analysis of RCMP firearms usage reveals vast difference between men and women in shooting abilities, an access to information request shows. More than half of female officers failed the Annual Firearms Qualification test at least once during their career, compared to less than a quarter of males. The data was found in documents relating to the “comprehensive, multi-year, Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+) project that aimed to evaluate the RCMP’s standard issued pistol (the Smith and Wesson 5946 [S&W]) in light of the Government of Canada’s Diversity and Inclusion Priority (Status of Women Canada, 2017).” Public Safety Canada held the documents back for five years before disclosing them to Rebel News.

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  1. If they need a study to realize this, then our society is completely messed up.

    It is a fact that the best MMA female fighter has very little to no chance besting any of the top 25 best male fighters.

  2. Funny enough i was explaining trigger action to my son this weekend and i thought about the RCMP issued pistols. The issue is that the junkie double-action pistols they use makes squeezing the trigger much more difficult, which has a significant impact on anyone's shooting ability.

  3. A simple solution: Adjust the trigger springs and other parts to match the grip strength.

    It's similar to removing an AR trigger group with 8 pounds of pressure and adding a trigger group with 3 pounds of pressure.

  4. Been trying to explain that to my husband with our wood staplers. We have the larger silver one and the smaller red one. I can use the smaller red one , no problems. But I can not get my hands around the large silver one. Even with both hands difficult.
    It is also why I prefer the sturdy table saw over his skill saw he bought while a teen at a garage sale. Back when they were solid metal and extremely heavy.
    Last year for Christmas he bought me a much lighter, cordless skill saw. So much nicer. Will not last as long as his old one, but I can control it. And with the cost of lumber you do not want to mess up.

  5. I usually am heavily against demographic quotas, but just now I realized that female quotas for police departments are actually important. By that, of course, I mean minimum female and minimum male quotas.

    Since nowadays female criminals and suspects can only be touched by female officers even during arrest, it is of utmost importance to have such officers available during arrests, preferably in numbers in case the suspect is especially strong or mentally altered.

    The male officers, meanwhile, should be available as support to increase their safety during such arrests.

    Perhaps patrols should start having 3 officers per car (generally two males and one female, since male violent crime rates are higher AND males physically fit to policing are more common), although that'd be somewhat difficult to fit into the car after potential captures or arrests, unless the patrol cars are appropriately modified.

  6. They knew all of the answers before they conducted the tests. They didn’t want to come forward and say that because they are too tied up in gender equality. As this video began, I was fairly certain I knew exactly what the problem was. They needed to spend millions so they could take the heat off of themselves when the obvious answer was, men are stronger than women and more interested in firearms than women are. What surprised me was how many men or supposedly men failed in both categories. These girly men basically don’t stand a chance around just ordinary men but they do have a badge and that to them makes all the difference.

  7. The idiocy level I have seem the last few years is staggering. Since when did a survey of the people using something to get their input on how to improve it get shelved and some over educated under commonsensed study approach become the norm? Lord have Mercy!

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