Elon Musk faces backlash after endorsing antisemitic post on X


Elon Musk is under Fire from members of US Congress and companies that have stopped advertising on social media platform X after he endorsed a post about Jewish communities um this Administration this government is very reliant on Elon Musk uh particularly SpaceX technology starlink technology have there been any efforts made to um

Wean the government off of his technology or find some kind of replacement for it I’m not aware of efforts to do that uh Nancy but I think we’ve been very clear about the rhetoric and how inappropriate it is and we’ll call it out every time we see it we’re

We we’re we rely on a lot of uh the defense industry a lot of the private sector to help us with our Innovation uh to help us with uh research and development on new systems uh and to help us uh in the realm of space and cyers space

Um there’s a there’s a real benefit to private public partnership when it comes to those kinds of National Security threats and National Security challenges there’s Innovation out there in the private sector that we’d be foolish to to to walk away from I’m not aware of any specific efforts uh to address to to

Address our concerns over his rhetoric through uh through the way that um uh that that his companies Provide support to our security establishment uh but that doesn’t mean that we accept uh or or uh or agree with or condone in any way that anti-semitic rhetoric that he pushed

Elon Musk, owner of the social media company X, is facing backlash from political leaders and companies after he endorsed a post on his company’s platform that spread a discredited and antisemitic theory about Jewish communities.

Musk responded to the tweet on X with the comment “you have said the actual truth.”

Several companies, including Apple and Disney, pulled or paused their advertising on the platform as a result of Musk’s tweet.

Asked about the controversy, U.S. national security spokesperson John Kirby said he was “not aware” of any efforts by the White House to wean the U.S. government off its reliance on Musk’s companies, including SpaceX.

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  1. If you present a valid criticism of Israel, it's always automatically labelled antiemetic, which is ridiculous. No one is immune to criticism, especially when you literally shoot fish in barrel. ENOUGH!


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