Earth breaches critical warming threshold



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There is a troubling indicator about global warming preliminary data shows the Earth has breached a critical temperature threshold for the first time in recorded history on Friday according to Europe’s cernus climate monitor the global average temperature was more than 2 degrees higher than pre-industrial Lev levels it happened on Saturday too the

Data surpasses the limits set out in the Paris climate Accord in 2015 that’s when global leaders agreed to work towards capping the rise of global temperatures at 1.5° above pre-industrial levels as Jackson prco reports carbon cutting policies haven’t done enough to reduce emissions though it’s still only spring in Brazil temperatures have already

Outpaced the depths of Summer the heat index reached 58° C in Rio Saturday pushing the limits of survival The Future Has Arrived said this local climate expert we will collect what we SED for decades of negligence Planet wide temperatures are obliterating records scientists confirm Earth briefly surpassed the 2° warming

Limit set out in the Paris climate Accord part of a disturbing long-term Trend the temperature we are experiencing in these days are unprecedented in in our civilization in the last thousands in enough hundred of thousands of years temperature is just part of the story floods droughts and fires have all

Been supercharged by climate change yet countries are missing their emission targets the world world’s fossil fuel producers are planning a massive increase in production blowing past the world’s carbon budget twice over at a time when they should be cutting emissions the emissions Gap is more like an emissions Canyon a canyon littered

With broken promises broken lives and broken records without drastic changes the UN warns the world is firmly on track to see three degrees in warming by the end of the century a catastrophic point of no return threatening the future of it we will see maybe 10 times

As many uh extreme weather events we’re also risking that large parts of the world might become uninhabitable these dire warnings come just a week before the cop 28 climate conference where world leaders will be urged to strike a drastic New Deal on emissions to keep the global average temperature from

Rising by more than 2 degrees C the UN warns that countries will need to slash emissions by 28% before the end of this decade Jackson prco Global News Washington

There is a new, troubling indicator about global warming from the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S).

The service says the global average temperature was recently more than two degrees Celsius higher than pre-industrial levels for the first time in recorded history.

Jackson Proskow explains how it’s a breach of a limit agreed upon in the 2015 Paris Agreement and how the world hasn’t done enough to cut carbon emissions.

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  1. Hence the "first time in recorded history " Hmmm. Thats an ocean of first times not recorded as millions of times it most likely happened naturally with volcanoes changing it all and magnetic flow of electrons in position earth into cold hot all over the place water here frozen there and changes to all areas on the globe. Planet Earth always changing weather landscapes with out a care naturally.

  2. Keep burning down the Amazon, and the forests of British Columbia, what do you think is going to happen.
    Human caused fires , an extinction event is due shortly. This would be the 6th Extinction event, the first for humans.

  3. Well, that's it we're cooked. The end is nigh! May as well just go all Hedonistic! I mean why does anything matter? War in Ukraine? War in Israel? Next election? Sell your assets, quit your job and let loose. Oh, most importantly, stop watching the news!

  4. Earth is still cooler than the long term average. CO2 is still at its lowest in Earth’s history.
    Critical threshold – yeah right.
    Tell you what, once the climate mop stops jet-setting around and live an extremely carbon dense lifestyle I might start to listen with one year. Before that happens: sorry about nuclear war!

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