Cost of living data to show easing price pressures in this week’s Advisor Lookahead



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It’s another week where inflation will be in Focus as October’s figures set the stage for the bank of Canada’s next interest rate decision in two weeks on Tuesday the Consumer Price Index for October is expected to show an annual increase of 3.3% that’s a decline from the 3.8% rise

We saw in September and 4% gain in August the boc has said it’s tracking the 3-month moving average of underlying price pressures Central Bank may also take into consideration the likelihood of the economy already being in a technical recession with Q3 growth Contracting Governor Tiff mckam is set

To speak in St John’s on Wednesday Market Watchers will be looking to see what he says about inflation data and whether there’s any change in the banks commentary the odds of another rate hike this year are very low it’s financial planning week in Canada FP Canada’s financial planning conference will take

Place virtually from Tuesday to Thursday some key topics for discussion include behavioral Finance conflicts of interest and crossb tax planning in earnings we have two Tech Giants reporting Nvidia and HP will release their results on Tuesday both have Global reach and their financials could give an indication on business

Spending Nvidia is expected to report another earnings beat on demand for artificial intelligence and data center dominance it’s ability to design New China specific products should limit the impact of the recent us China restrictions along with high demand from the rest of the world gaming is also

Likely to produce growth in the second half on back to school sales and the holiday season the company shares have surged more than 200% this year hp’s results are expected to show stability in the PC market however recovery in the market may be limited because of softer consumer spending

Corporate it budgets could also affect demand but PC growth is expected to get stronger in the second half of 2024 pricing pressure could also impact its printer business cost cutting should result in better returns and free cash flow growth on Thursday us markets will be closed for Thanksgiving that’s

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It’s another week in which inflation will be in focus as October’s figures set the stage for the Bank of Canada’s next interest rate decision in two weeks. On Tuesday, the consumer price index is expected to show an annual increase of 3.3 per cent.

That’s a decline from the 3.8 per cent rise we saw in September and 4 per cent gain in August. FP Canada’s Financial Planning Conference will take place virtually from Tuesday to Thursday.

Nvidia and HP report earnings on Tuesday. Globe Advisor assistant editor Rajeshni Naidu-Ghelani outlines what to watch out for in investing and financial news in Advisor Lookahead.

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