Controversy surrounds Calgary police methods following viral videos of youth and woman arrests

Calgary police tactics questioned after social media videos show arrests of youth, woman


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The Calgary Police Service has recently been thrust into the public spotlight due to a video circulating on social media that illustrates the use of aggressive tactics by officers against protesters, including a youth and a woman. Ward 5 Coun. Raj Dhaliwal, a former police commissioner, expressed concern over the disturbing information shared online. “It’s disturbing to me. You have a 13-year-old kid, I’ve been told, and you can see in the video he has been dragged by two professionally-trained officers, and put down on the ground and apparently punched,” Dhaliwal said. This allegation has raised questions regarding the methods utilized by the police in handling public demonstrations and raises important considerations about both police behavior and public safety.

The Policing of Protests

On Monday, police reported that after a peaceful public demonstration, a smaller group of demonstrators attempted to block a major road, causing concern regarding public safety. Supt. Joe Brar explained, “When the event ended, one group that was affiliated to the larger group decided that they were done for the day and they decided to make their way down to MacLeod Trail and Fourth Avenue (Southeast) to conduct a sit-in. That obviously was a concern to us, given the dynamics of the crowd.” Herein lies the fundamental responsibility of the police to manage public demonstrations to protect both public safety and citizens’ rights to peaceful assembly.

Police Response and Arrests

The response from the Calgary Police Service to the group’s blocking of traffic resulted in the arrests of three individuals who allegedly attempted to push through a line of police officers. While police assert the necessity of their actions to create “safe zones” and to prevent further escalation, the use of force and the handling of arrests and individuals have come under scrutiny. Brar stated, “We are very alive to the fact that that is very troubling,” in response to concerns about police actions involving a woman’s hijab. A video showing an officer allegedly detaining a smaller individual and claims of a pregnant woman being detained raise further questions about police tactics and the significance of community engagement in such situations.

Calls for Transparency

The advocacy group Justice for Palestinians and YYC Muslims have been closely following these events, expressing concerns about police misconduct and abuse of authority. Justice for Palestinians is calling for video evidence to be submitted for a comprehensive review. YYC Muslims has described the arrests as “police and political abuse.” These allegations have sparked discussions about the role of the police and the boundaries of their power, as well as the importance of transparent and fair policing practices.

Implications and Call to Action

The public’s knowledge about and response to these events highlights the necessity for an open and unbiased investigation. The claims brought forth must be thoroughly examined and assessed to build trust between the community, advocacy groups, and law enforcement. This is imperative for a fair and just society that respects both the rights of individuals and the authority of law enforcement. The significance of open dialogue, understanding, and collaboration in such circumstances cannot be overstated, as they offer opportunities to address the concerns of both the public and the police. We look to the relevant organizations to ensure that a thorough investigation is conducted and, if necessary, appropriate measures are put in place to prevent similar occurrences in the future. This is a vital step in reaffirming trust in the legal and police systems and promoting a safe and equitable society.


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