Censured Red Deer Catholic trustee removed from school board



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The Alberta Catholic Schoolboard trustee sentenced to re-education and a forced apology has now been removed from the school board we are helping her fight back however we need your help to do it Monique lrange was ordered by her Catholic colleagues on the school board to submit to lgbtq plus and Holocaust

Related sensitivity training after posting an anti-brain washing meme to her personal Facebook page she was stripped of her duties and responsibilities as a School Board trustee on the red dear Alberta Catholic School Division board but when she refused to apologize to her witch trial accusers or attend the board mandated

Sensitivity goolag the board voted using an obscure rule to remove her as a trustee altogether now Monique is Seeking a judicial review of her heavy sanctions and subsequent removal from the board for posting the meme which critics allege is both homophobic and anti-semitic on September 1st manique

Posted a picture C caped brainwashing is brainwashing and the image was of kids waving Nazi Flags along with children waving the lgbtq pride flag her colleagues joined the mob against her the Democracy fund registered Canadian civil liberties charity is covering the legal cost for lrange and her lawyer

James kitchen to have a Judge review the decision of the board donations to the Democracy fund to offset lr’s legal cost qualify for a charitable tax receipt just go to the Democracy fund. to make a donation now let’s hear from Monique so joining me now is Monique lugrain she

Was I guess the Catholic School Board trustee in Red Deer who now we’ve just heard has been removed from her role on the school board uh Monique thanks for joining me can you take us back a little bit how did we end up here what horrible

Thing have you done to be removed from the school board well thanks for having me Sheila um yeah so what have I done I posted a meme on Facebook um I didn’t even post it it was a story so I shared a story on Facebook um and it was about

Uh it says brainwashing is brainwashing and it basically is about indoctrination and so it looks at the ideology um of the lgbtq and the ideology of the Nazi Germany in that time period And so it’s just that’s what what spiral everything out of control here and um yeah and it

Was just saying you know like look at what what are we teaching our kids what what’s going on in society uh what are we believing you know there was no comparison there was no um you know there was no saying that if you’re in the lgbtq you you you know you belong I

Somebody said this and it horrifies me to even repeat it but um you belong in the gas shamber like that is just absolutely shocking and ridiculous that people would even think that what you said being critical of the lgbtq movement particularly you know with introduction of sexualized materials in school that’s completely in

Line with Catholic teaching uh yes it is you would you would think that um but apparently you know when it comes to certain boards um they they don’t believe I guess what I believe but you know I felt when I looked at the the meme I was like wow that just says it

All right there and it does it falls in line with with with the you know Catholic beliefs the Christian beliefs right and so um yeah it just it just kind of encapsulated everything and it was very just a thought-provoking uh meme you published a meme critical of brainwashing and

Their um solution to that is to send you off for some more brainwashing that’s right so you have to fix brainwashed with brainwashing so um yeah they you know the funny thing is you you I told my story I I couldn’t be more honest on where I came from you

Know um even to the point where I had spoke to the chair um that Saturday um after the me had been um released and all the chaos started you know and I was I was I asked her like what is it that people are seeing here that I’m missing

And so then she told me what somebody had told her that me meant and and along the same lines of oh well you know um lgbtq they they deserve to be sent to the the gas Chambers which is completely horrifying and you know that is just that whole thought process like how

Would you even come up with that um anyways and so I had had explained to her how horrified I was you know to the point where I’m getting emotional and you know she said okay we’ll just take the weekend and you know I’m I’m we’ll work this out and just be with your

Family and just uh you know and and just comforting but we never did hear that part of the story ever when it came to explaining what happened or was never shared in the in the hearings one of the reasons I’m against the sexual transition of children and telling

Children that they are created in the wrong body is because as Catholics were told uh to believe in the Dignity of the individual bearing the image of the Divine which is exactly I think where you’re coming from here you were sentenced to Holocaust re-education lgbtq re-education and social media how do you

Use social media properly so oh so yes um you know and that was that was interesting because uh I was thinking to myself maybe they probably need a little bit of re-education in those areas as well um just because they of not understanding what I’m saying so maybe part of their

Picture isn’t correct in those areas so I hope that they you know expand themselves and and make that journey and learn a little bit more about the history and the truth of the history because I had refused to apologize because when you apologize it means that

You’re wrong about something and I I was not wrong about that Meme and I it wasn’t it wasn’t over the toop so you know if they would have just sat back and maybe heard heard my version of it and learned a little bit it might have

Gone a long way but um yeah the re-education um no I wasn’t I wasn’t going to be doing the re-education at all and so I don’t know if we got there as in did I say straight to them no I wasn’t going to do it probably not but

Um they were stopped at the oh she’s not going to apologize so how like oh my goodness how is that going to make us look right so what were the next steps after that they stripped you of your responsibilities on the board so basically anybody who voted for you um

They didn’t have an active member of the board so they not only silenced me the only thing I was allowed to do was go to one board meeting a month that so we have a board meeting a month and that was the only thing I was allowed to

Participate in um and so they silenced me in everything else and so by doing that they’ve silenced the people that voted for me me as well they’ve they’ve silenced parents in our schools because our some of the parents voted for me right a lot of the the the people that

Were coming at me that were against what I had posted like um it was all social media based and um you know I would I would go on and they they weren’t even real people and so I suspect that a lot of those people that come after people

Like me they’re paid so they’re paid by you know whatever organization to go and make a big uh you know spill about it um every time the news picked up something you know there might be there was more supporters let’s just say that sure so the first yeah the initial there was the

Haters but I believe they a lot of them were paid um and they weren’t from Red Deer either um a lot of them I don’t know for sure so I don’t have any way of knowing exactly um but the support has been phenomenal now we just heard um from

Your lawyer James kitchen who tells me that not only are you uh you know your duties were stripped of you at the Schoolboard but now you’ve been stripped of your position at the school board how on Earth did that happen and why did they do that they basically um rendered

You insignificant at the school board um through their previous measures now you’ve been removed altogether yeah so they that so that through the second hearing they thought that was the most appropriate way to deal with me is was to disqualify me and um they used

The Education Act to do that and um yeah so my hands are tied that way right and that was it and so today I’m no longer a trustee um but I do have freedom to speak now to be clear you’re not get a rich by being a trustee this is a labor

Of love because you care about the kids in your community it’s not like you have you know delusions of grandeur and liberal Soul Source contracts this is just something you do in your spare time because you love the kids in your community yeah we get an honorarium and

That like it’s it’s not equivalent to a part-time job it’s barely anything right and so now now you’re headed for judicial review because you want a real judge to look at the decision made by the school board to see if it aligns with the law and that you were treated

Fairly yes yeah so that’s where we’re heading now um my lawyer will be I mean it’s already started this process will take a little bit of a I don’t know he said something like 18 months maybe so it’s quite a while but that’s I guess we just wait so until

Then we’re just keep going forward despite everything you’ve been through would you do it again absolutely for sure because it’s for the kids and it’s for the the kids today and it’s for their kids and their kids like that’s why we’re standing up because I want I want there to be

Freedom here I want freedom to be left for for my kids kids and so it’s you know I just I feel so passionate about that and God is freedom right and so like that should be number one in a Catholic school so it just really you know standing up and and

Saying who we are and what we stand for and and moving forward with that now a last word goes to you do you have a message to the people who saw your story and felt compelled to make a donation to the Democracy fund so that you could continue your

Fight yeah um again I’m so appreciative of everybody that is giving and um that can see that can see what what I see and can are fighting for Freedom um so just by giving you’re fighting for freedom because that’s what we’re we’re essentially doing here um and getting

People to step up you know manique by your standing up and fighting back you’ve really exposed a problem um that I think as albertans we thought was just sort of happening in Ontario n BC some of the less conservative places in the country but it is happening in the

Conservative Heartland of Red Deer and so that should frighten us all but also compel us to get involved and become Watchdogs of the education system absolutely absolutely that’s always been my prayer expose expose expose and God did Monique has a very long road ahead of her but she refuses to be bullied

Into compromising her values and she has the public support to help her get a judge exam the fairness and legality of her treatment make a donation at the democracy Fund.com fund.com

| Monique LaGrange is fighting back with the help of her lawyer, James Kitchen, who is seeking a judicial review of her sanctions and subsequent removal from the board.
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  1. Canada has gone IN THE TOILET.
    No more freedom.
    No more liberty.
    Only persecution from degenerate demons.
    God i hate them.
    Pray for me. I am a christian full of hatred and i frankly dont even wanna change.

  2. in God's eyes she would be better off cleaning public toilets with her tongue rather than to teach that Sodom and Gomorrah filth to children. the fact that the school board got rid of her for her position on this tells her that God has better plans for her.

  3. I feel so sorry for Monique. That school board is punishing her for being true to her beliefs. Obviously, they are going against the word of God. They are twisting truth to fit their own dangerous narrative and really don't care a hoot about the kids. The bible has many passages that condemn homosexuality and lesbianism. Such passages as 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, 1 Timothy 1:8-10, Romans 1:26-27 and Romans 1:18 just to mention a few. They (the school board) tend to advocate for LGBTQ ideologies. That in itself goes against everything the catholics claim to believe in.

    That leads me to believe that most, if not all, of the board members are not only non catholic but non believers as well. Either that or the catholic religion has swayed far from the original teachings of Catholicism. In this day and age it's becoming very difficult to believe anything that anyone says. It's a sad day when you have to call out liars and non-believers, in particular those board members, on every front.

    The one thing I'll always believe is that the bible is the word of God and God don't lie. How many catholics out there that advocate for LGBTQ ideologies are willing to step up and say that God lies because that's what you're saying when you advocate for LGBTQ ideologies.

    I'm an old man now and I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to leaving this life behind. I'm so tired of all the lies, deception, greed, self entitlement etc that is so prolific in today's society.

    Monique, stay true to yourself and keep up the good fight. Keep fighting for the kids and call out lies when you hear them. Don't let those wannabe "catholic" school board members change who or what you are. Be true not only to yourself but to your beliefs. Stand strong and never give up.

  4. Unfortunately you are merely a step in the process towards communism…

    Once communism is normalized, the useful idiots who sold you out will be lined up against walls… Unfortunately only then will they realize what’s happening.

  5. Believe it or not but this Jesus giving her a chance to abandon a Godless religion and truly come to Christ. Catholicism puts the word of man before the word of God. Huge mistake. I don't feel empathy for this story. Her so called religion let her down. Surprised? Not me! She should work for the public school board. Catholicism is like the Titanic. Very beautiful, inviting. Even claimed God himself couldn't sink it! Well we all know the end result. Give your life to Christ and you will see the true evil in these buildings they call churches.

    If everyone got together and pulled their kids from school for the first 3 months would definitely send a message. Forget the million man march. Think about it? If they have no kids to teach there is no evil to push! If there was let's say a rumour to the mainstream media that this will happen. They will have no choice but to listen. Also they will have no choice but to lay off these so called demons. Imagine in the news a country where parents literally stopped sending their kids to school because of woke? Every other country would follow suit and then collapse of the devil! That;s the ticket!!!!

  6. The freedom of choice is being stripped from us all. Can we hear the Indigenous People now? Fight the parents and confuse the children. They will come for our children one way or another. This is so toxic and does not belong in our schools.

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