Car crash near UBC leaves 3 hospitalized, see details

3 hospitalized after car slams into tree near UBC - BC


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“Three individuals were hospitalized after a vehicle collided with a tree near the University of British Columbia. The incident occurred shortly after 3 a.m. at 16th Avenue and Binning Road. According to the RCMP, two of the three individuals are in critical condition, while the third is in stable condition. The specific details of the collision have not been disclosed as of now and the area near the site of the accident will remain closed until further notice. Authorities are currently investigating to determine whether excessive speed, impairment, or distracted driving led to the crash. Stay tuned for updates.

Potential Impacts of the Accident

The aftermath of this serious collision serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers of driving, particularly during the late hours. It also highlights the importance of responsible and vigilant driving, especially in areas with a higher risk of road accidents such as near university campuses.

Bear in mind that operating a motor vehicle comes with significant responsibilities, where the safety of all individuals, whether drivers, passengers, or pedestrians, should be a top priority.


The incident involving the car crash near UBC serves as a somber reminder to be cautious and attentive while operating a vehicle. As the investigation unfolds, it raises concern about the possible factors contributing to the accident. This should encourage everyone to reflect on the importance of safety and responsibility on the road, and the potential impact of one’s actions on others.”


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