Canadian Members of Parliament visit Israel for solidarity trip amidst escalating tensions between Trudeau and Netanyahu

Canadian MPs arrive in Israel for solidarity trip as tensions between Trudeau and Netanyahu remain high


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“A Delegation of Canadian MPs visit Jerusalem in unity with Israel”

A delegation of five Canadian MPs, consisting of two Liberals and three Conservatives, has arrived in Jerusalem for a purposeful and significant visit. Their plan is to meet with Israeli counterparts and pay homage to the victims of the Oct. 7 Hamas attack. The delegation aims to “learn about the trauma and toll of the Hamas invasion” and “experience the resolve, bravery, and social responsibility of the Israeli people.”

Solidarity and Support

Liberal MP Anthony Housefather expressed the delegation’s mission as giving MPs a better understanding of the October 7 attack and the Israeli government’s plans, meeting with the families of hostages to demand their release. “I want to make sure that it is clear to Israelis that Canadians support them,” said Housefather, who is Jewish.

Members of the group will also engage in “repair and rebuilding activities” and “explore the crucial role of philanthropy in rebuilding and restoring Israel.” They are also scheduled to meet with survivors and the “heroes of Kfar Aza,” a kibbutz near the Gaza border that saw members killed on Oct. 7 by Hamas.

“It’s important that we show solidarity”

In light of a recent diplomatic tension between the leaders of Canada and Israel, the visit holds special significance. Prime Minister Trudeau’s call for Israel to avoid civilian casualties in its conflict with Hamas did not sit well with some members of the delegation. However, Conservative Deputy Leader Melissa Lantsman expressed the need for a consistent position supporting Israel’s “right and obligation” to defend itself stating, “I think it’s important that we show solidarity with the people of Israel for what happened on October 7.”

Support from Canada

Despite the diplomatic tension, member of the delegation stressed the overall support of the Canadian government for Israel, citing their voting record at the UN as proof. Housefather reminded that concerns over the Prime Minister’s comments may be misguided, and a broader governmental approach should be considered when evaluating Canada’s stance on Israel.

The delegation emphasized that witnessing first-hand the impact of the Hamas attacks and the stories that need to be told is their priority. By participating in the trip, the lineup of both Liberal and Conservative members hopes to present a united and unwavering support for Israel.

The visit, therefore, serves as a reminder of the enduring bond between Canada and Israel, and a representation of solidarity in the face of adversity.”


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