Canada will appeal single-use plastics ban ruling as pollution impacts are “undebatable”: Guilbeault



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Um so we intend to appeal uh the the the ruling I think I mean science the body of scientific evidence showing the impacts on human health on the environment of plastic pollution is um undebatable uh and and the Canadian public has been asking us to do this and we’ve seen municipalities across the

Country we’ve seen provinces put in place regul legislation to to to reduce plastic pollution I think Canadians are tired of seeing plastic pollution in in their neighborhood in our streets in our environment uh clogging our waterways uh polluting our oceans we’ve all seen those images of wildlife whether it’s seabirds

Turtles uh various forms of fish whales caught uh or or or dying because of of plastic pollution this has to stop and and contrary to what P said I mean we’re we’re not banning all plastics it’s ridiculous there are thousands there are tens of thousands of plastics items in a

In our economy we’ve banned six single-use Plastics uh items for for which they they are alternatives but single-use Plastics that were harmful to to to to our environment um and and we will continue W with our with our strategy to fight plastic pollution we want to get plastic out of our

Environment out of our neighborhoods out of humans I mean we’re finding micr beads of Plastics in our in our brains it’s AFF ing fetuses it’s affecting the growth of our kids we we have to put a stop to that we want to we want to ensure that plastic stays in the economy

And and and we move towards a circular economy when when it comes to the use of plastic Plastics keeping keeping them off out of our landfills out of our environment and that’s what we will do I mean we we’re we’re trying to to do something that is probably unheard of in

In the history of the of the United Nations to come up with a new International treaty uh legally binding treaty to to ban plastic pollution in 2 years I mean that’s light speed for for any government you know to to to to adopt a new law in Canada or or a new

Regulation takes about 18 months to 18 to 24 months and now we’re trying to come up with a new international treaty uh in 24 so uh I think no one was expecting this to be easy uh to to to to to be simple but think there is an incredible

Momentum the the fight against plastic pollution started by Canadians and then after you know after people started saying no I don’t need a plastic bag for this or that then municipalities started started putting in place bylaws and then provincial some provincial governments came on board but it was really the

Public that that started this movement and what’s true in Canada is true in many parts of the world as well so there is we’re being pushed by by our people all around the world to to do better better on that uh so I’m I’m confident you know these were they will be in

April we will receive those countries in in here in Ottawa it’s going to be tough negotiations but we’re you know no one believed we could get an international agreement at cop 15 let alone what many are referring to as an historic agreement for the protection protection

Of nature we had 5 months to prepare for for for a cop we’ve been working on the Inc meeting uh next April already for for many months so we’re we’re in a better position to to to help the International Community find those Pathways towards towards success so I’m I’m I’m very confident

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault said in Ottawa on Monday that the federal government “intend[s] to appeal” last weeks’ court ruling that overturned a single-use plastics ban.

“The body of scientific evidence showing the impacts on human health, on the environment of plastic pollution is undebatable,” Guilbeault said. “We have to put a stop to that.”

He added that an international plastics treaty won’t be “easy” or “simple” but that there was “incredible momentum” ahead of the 2024 Global Plastics Treaty negotiations in Canada next April.

Comparing it to preparations for the United Nations (UN) Biodiversity Conference COP15 in Montreal in 2022 — which Guilbeault said that Canada had five months to prepare for — he described the agreement for the protection of nature as “historic.”

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