Canada Government Initiates $1.5B Critical Minerals Infrastructure Fund Call for Proposals



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“Canada Launches $1.5 Billion Fund to Enhance Critical Minerals Sector

Canada is taking a significant step in reinforcing its position as a global leader in the supply of sustainably-sourced critical minerals and driving economic growth with the launch of the Critical Minerals Infrastructure Fund (CMIF). As demand for critical minerals continues to rise due to the global shift towards low-carbon solutions, this $1.5 billion fund will play a pivotal role in enabling the sustainable development of these minerals and supporting the country’s transition to a net-zero economy.

Supporting Clean Technologies and Economic Growth

With the potential to create well-paying jobs, drive economic growth, and bolster the competitiveness of the minerals and metals sector, the CMIF will support strategic investments in projects that will be instrumental in the development of clean technologies and clean energy sources. These critical minerals are essential for the production of batteries, wind turbines, solar panels, and other clean energy technologies that are crucial in the fight against climate change.

The Call for Proposals (CFP) of the CMIF will address key infrastructure gaps to facilitate sustainable critical minerals production and connect resources to markets. The fund will support clean energy and electrification initiatives, as well as transportation and infrastructure projects to enable the sustainable development of Canada’s critical minerals. This will not only benefit the mining industry but also support Canada’s transition to a net-zero economy.

Level of Investment and Project Support

The CMIF will offer up to $1.5 billion in funding over seven years, with up to $300 million in contribution funding available under two streams. The Pre-construction and Project Development Stream and the Infrastructure Deployment Stream will support projects with financial assistance of up to $50 million per project for non-governmental applicants and up to $100 million per project for provincial and territorial governments investing in public projects.

The Potential Impact

The CMIF is expected to play a significant role in unlocking critical mineral deposits, creating skilled jobs, and supporting economic development in various regions of Canada, particularly in northern communities. The strategic investments through this fund will not only drive economic growth but will also contribute to Canada’s move towards a net-zero future.

Conclusion – Paving the Way for a Net-Zero Future

The launch of the Critical Minerals Infrastructure Fund is a crucial step in strengthening Canada’s position as a global supplier of choice for clean technology, clean energy, and critical minerals. By investing in foundational and enabling infrastructure for the development of critical minerals projects, Canada is not only seizing a generational economic opportunity but is also contributing to the advancement of clean technologies necessary for achieving a global net-zero-emissions economy. This initiative has the potential to create a ripple effect, paving the way for a sustainable, prosperous, and net-zero future for Canada and the world at large.”


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