Canada and Nova Scotia Governments invest in Graves Island Provincial Park Causeway for improved infrastructure



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The Graves Island Provincial Park causeway in East Chester, NS, is set to undergo significant improvements thanks to a combined investment of $2 million from the governments of Canada and Nova Scotia. The announcement was made by Minister Sean Fraser and Minister Tory Rushton, and this project will have a lasting impact on economic losses and will ensure continued access to the island via the causeway.

Impact on Graves Island Provincial Park

The causeway, being the only access to Graves Island Provincial Park, is a vital piece of infrastructure that requires reinforcement to protect it from environmental impacts such as flooding, erosion, and rising sea levels. Raising the causeway by one meter higher than the existing level is a proactive approach to safeguarding the park and ensuring continued access for residents, tourists, and emergency services.

Investing in Climate Change Adaptation

The investment in improving the causeway is not just a short-term fix but a long-term strategy to mitigate the effects of climate change. For every dollar invested in preparing for climate-related disasters, there is a potential return of $13 to $15 in benefits. This demonstrates the value of planning and adapting now to prevent much larger losses in the future.

Thought-Provoking Quotes

Minister Sean Fraser emphasized the importance of safeguarding livelihoods through reliable disaster mitigation infrastructure. Meanwhile, Minister Tory Rushton highlighted the significance of the park in tourism, recreation, and biodiversity, making it clear that this investment will ensure uninterrupted access to the park.


The investment in widening and raising the Graves Island Provincial Park causeway is a clear indication of the proactive steps being taken to adapt and prepare for climate-related challenges. This project has the potential to create long-term economic benefits and ensure the preservation of an essential piece of natural infrastructure. It also sets an example for other regions to invest in safeguarding against climate change.


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