Buffy Saint-Marie documentary named winner of International Emmy Award

Documentary about music icon Buffy Sainte-Marie nominated for International Emmy Award


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“Canadian Documentary ‘Buffy Sainte-Marie: Carry It On’ Wins International Emmy Award”

Canadian singer Buffy Sainte-Marie’s documentary, “Carry It On,” has clinched the prestigious International Emmy Award. Directed by Canadian filmmaker Madison Thomas, the documentary offers a compelling insight into Sainte-Marie’s illustrious six-decade career and was nominated in the arts programming category. The 51st annual International Emmy Awards, where the winners were announced on social media, marked the glitzy celebration of global television excellence, which took place in New York City.

Controversy Surrounding the Documentary

Despite the joyous occasion of winning the International Emmy, the documentary was marred by allegations following an investigation by CBC’s “The Fifth Estate.” Some social media users had called for the removal of the project from the category after the investigation contradicted Sainte-Marie’s claims to Indigenous ancestry. In response to the allegations, Sainte-Marie released a public statement stating her deep hurt at the accusations and reaffirming her commitment to claiming her Indigenous identity.

Where to Watch

“Carry It On,” produced by Eagle Vision, White Pine Pictures, and Paquin Entertainment, made its world premiere at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival in 2022. The documentary is available for streaming on Crave and PBS in the United States, offering audiences a chance to delve into the remarkable journey of the iconic Canadian artist.

In conclusion, the International Emmy win for “Buffy Sainte-Marie: Carry It On” is undeniably a significant milestone in recognizing the talent and artistry of the legendary singer. However, the controversy surrounding the documentary serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and sensitivities involved in issues of cultural identity. As viewers continue to engage with Sainte-Marie’s work, it is crucial to approach it with an open mind, acknowledging the myriad perspectives and narratives that contribute to the rich tapestry of her legacy.


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