Argentina celebrates freedom win – Will Canada follow suit?

Ratio’d | Freedom wins in Argentina! Is Canada next?


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“Argentina Elects Libertarian President Amidst Economic Turmoil

After decades of out of control socialism and skyrocketing poverty rates, Argentina has defied expectations by electing libertarian Javier Milei as the country’s next president. Milei, an economist and self-described anarcho-capitalist, plans to implement major reforms, such as slashing public spending and abolishing the central bank, to address the country’s economic woes.

Shifting Political Landscape

Argentina’s political upset is just one in a series of unexpected results across the Western world. Citizens are rejecting far-left socialism in favor of more conservative alternatives. This trend is evident with Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party facing the possibility of an historic defeat at the ballot box. Given these developments, one question that arises is whether Canada will follow suit.

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The Impact of Libertarian Leadership

Milei’s election marks a significant shift in Argentina’s political landscape. His proposed measures to reform the economy reflect a growing trend of skepticism towards traditional economic policies. The rise of libertarian leadership in Argentina has the potential to influence global perceptions of socialism and conservative governance.

The Future of Economic Policy

The election of a libertarian president in Argentina raises important questions about the future of economic policy worldwide. Milei’s proposed reforms may inspire other countries to consider similar approaches to addressing their own economic challenges. However, it also presents an opportunity for critical analysis and evaluation of the potential consequences of such radical changes.


The shift towards libertarian leadership in Argentina, and the broader rejection of far-left socialism around the world, signifies a moment of transformation in the political and economic landscape. While it remains to be seen how Milei and his policies will impact Argentina, his election calls for a broader consideration of non-traditional economic and political perspectives. As we look to the future, it is essential to keep an open mind and consider all possibilities for shaping global economic policy.”


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