‘A crisis in our shelter system’: Brampton Mayor on Peel Region shelter availability



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Brown’s comments come after an asylum Seeker died near a former shelter last week the Bramton mayor is calling on Ottawa to do more to address the number of people arriving in Canada without anywhere to go ctv’s Beth Mell has been following this story and joins us live with the latest

Beth Nathan the system appears to just be overflowing I’m at an encampment that is actually next to an active shelter it’s not a a former shelter it it was decommissioned as a family shelter but has been put back in as a shelter so to give you a sense of the numbers normally

Peele region shelters about 500 people and right now it’s Sheltering about 1,500 people and that’s in the shelters as in addition to Hotel space now we’re told by officials that 68% of the people who need shelter are Asylum claimants and many of them are from Africa who are are not used to the

Cold and this has led mayor PR uh Patrick Brown Patrick Brown to reissue a plea for help to the federal government we continue to face a crisis due to huge number of Asylum claimants our Shelter Systems at 321 per capacity in the video posted to social media Sunday night

Bramton mayor Patrick brown highlights the crowd of Asylum Seekers around the Peele region shelter hoping for a warm bed to sleep so what petrifies and terrifies me right now is that last week we had a fatality of an asylum uh claimant and um that fatality was because of um uh cold weather and

Adverse uh conditions outside of the shelter last week a man in his 40 seeking a better life in Canada died outside the shelter on dund Street East near Dixie Road in Miss Saga Brown and other officials do not want that to happen again and called for the federal

Government to take action they say the system has run out of capacity it it’s historic do not turn away policy ending in July we need a permanent solution um to deal with this influx of Asylum claims uh and it’s what we put forward to the federal government we have two

Commercial locations that would give us an additional capacity uh in the range of 800 shelter beds that would make sure no one this winter sleeping um outside Brown says local businesses have stepped up with warm items for those trying to find a space I reached out to the Federal

Government after the death they say that 70 people have been relocated they say that you know there is no simple solution to this but they are working on it with the municipalities and confident a solution can be found mayor Patrick Brown is hopeful something will be announced this week reporting live I’m

Beth Mell now back to Andrea and Nathan

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown on the lack of shelters with capacity after an asylum seeker died outside a Mississauga, Ontario shelter last week.

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  1. Where is Bonnie Crombie? This happened in her city. Plus, they closed the family shelter to make it for refugees. At least now I know why there are so many beggers at all the intersections lately.

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