84 additional Canadian citizens exit Gaza via Rafah crossing, confirmed by Joly – National

84 more Canadians leave Gaza through Rafah crossing, Joly says - National


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“84 Canadians escape from Gaza’s land crossing amid Israeli airstrikes

A total of 84 Canadians and their family members were able to escape from the besieged Gaza Strip over the weekend. This announcement came from the Foreign Affairs Minister, Melanie Joly, who took to social media to share the good news. These Canadian nationals and their relatives successfully made it through the Rafah crossing safely and are now en route to Cairo, Egypt. The effort was praised by the minister who expressed gratitude to the staff that facilitated their safe passage.

Reason for the Departure

Amid escalating tensions between Israel and Hamas militants, the recent Canadian evacuees are part of a larger exodus of foreign nationals trying to leave the region. Israel declared war on Hamas, initiating an airstrike campaign and cutting off basic supplies like food and water to Gaza. The region, home to 2.3 million Palestinians, has faced significant civilian casualties, with reports indicating thousands have lost their lives or gone missing, predominantly women and children.

International Support

The Canadian government has actively worked to help its citizens and residents leave the area of conflict, coordinating with local authorities on the ground. The situation in Gaza serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing humanitarian crisis that has plagued the region for years. Any efforts to alleviate the suffering, particularly in times of armed conflict, are crucial to minimizing civilian causalities and ensuring their safety.

Remaining Hurdles

With the exodus in motion, there still remains a number of foreign passport holders awaiting clearance to leave the region. Limited access to essential necessities, medical infrastructure, and basic life requirements have compounded the hardships the Palestinians face, further stretching the toll of the conflict.

Complicating this humanitarian crisis further is the continuous struggle for power and control between the Israeli and Palestinian territories, leading to innocent civilian losses on both sides.


The successful evacuation of Canadians from the Gaza Strip is a positive step forward, demonstrating the impact of international cooperation in times of crisis. However, the overall situation in Gaza is a testament to the longstanding and complex underlying issues in the region. It highlights the urgency for sustainable peace efforts and diplomatic resolutions, recognizing the inherent rights of everyone in the region to lead safe and secure lives.”


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