32 Thai nationals killed in Hamas’ Oct. 7 attacks, 25 being held hostage


The harvest season is over and all 13 men who worked on this Vineyard in Southwest Israel before October 7th remain today even when 7,000 agricultural workers chose to return to Thailand like everyone else who lives and works in this country they know what to do when the air rate siren goes

Off we would do exactly what they did he tells us we would run to the safe room the entrance to the tie worker safe room in kibutz near o feels like a moment Frozen in time while Hamas militants went on a rampage some of the workers sought Refuge here but instead they were

Slaughtered one look inside and no description of the massacre that unfolded is needed 16 men used to live and earn a living on on this kibuts working the fields and sending money to family back home five of them are unaccounted for the rest are confirmed dead there’s not

An inch here that hasn’t been ransacked or destroyed behind me one of the bedrooms it’s covered in blood and you can still smell after a whole month the stench of death there was nowhere to hide and there was no mercy shown to foreigners dozens of Thai men were killed that day

Along with other foreign laborers as for those missing Thai officials have been given no proof of Life all they know is what they’ve seen in photos and videos and based on that they believe 25 are being held captive by Hamas in Gaza we do hope that the first group of

Host should be should have some Thai people it’s believed that Thai National make up the second largest group of hostages after Israelis how do you explain what happened to the Thai workers given that they have absolutely nothing to do with the Israeli Palestinian conflict that’s what we

Don’t understand as well you know the Tai people they came here to work in the farm in in agricultural sector officials in Thailand say they’ve held direct talks with Hamas in Iran bypassing Israel and have been told Tha hostages would be released at the right time as Israel’s war against Hamas rages

On when the right time could be is anyone’s guess Daniel hamam Jin Global News in kibuts o

WARNING: This video contains disturbing content. Viewer discretion is advised. While Hamas’ Oct. 7 attacks targeted Israeli communities, 32 Thai nationals are believed to be have been killed, while 25 others are believed to be held hostage.

This would make them the second largest group of hostages being held by Hamas, after Israelis, and there is no clarity as to if or when they will be released.

Daniele Hamamdjian explains how these innocent people became caught up in a conflict they had no involvement in.

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  1. Israel is a war zone. What were these foreigners doing there in the first place ? I’m not sure how much sympathy anyone deserves when they knowingly and willingly travel INTO a conflict zone


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