Veterans group reports six Afghan families with Canadian ties deported from Pakistan

Six Afghan families with ties to Canada have been deported from Pakistan, veterans group says

“Canadian Vets Criticize Pakistani Deportation of Afghan Families”

Six Afghan families connected to Canada have been sent back to Afghanistan from Pakistan, according to a Canadian veterans group. The deportation of migrants from Pakistan has raised concerns among members of the Aman Lara, a non-profit organization working to evacuate people from countries in crisis.

The deportation of Afghans has highlighted the urgency for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to expedite the processing of paperwork for Afghans seeking entry to Canada. As Pakistan initiated its crackdown on undocumented Afghan migrants in October, many families whose members are seeking asylum or entry into Canada under special immigration measures for former Canadian Armed Forces employees or government workers have been caught in the chaos.

The Plight of Afghan Families

One man, Sanaullah Azizi, shared his harrowing story of being arrested in Islamabad with his wife and subsequently deported to the Afghan border. Azizi, who was striving to relocate to Canada due to his father-in-law’s work with the Canadian Armed Forces, never had the opportunity to provide documentation to prove his eligibility for Canadian immigration to Pakistani authorities. Dispossessed of his phone and documents, he and his wife have been in hiding in Afghanistan ever since.

IRCC’s Response and Future Plans

Despite managing to evacuate some Afghans to Canada on two charter flights from Islamabad, IRCC is confronting new obstacles due to the deportations from Pakistan. Immigration Minister Marc Miller acknowledged the limitations of Canadian operations in Afghanistan and pledged a day-by-day effort to ensure speed and efficiency in helping affected Afghans.

A Light in the Darkness

The Department of IRCC has shown empathy towards deportees like Azizi and encouraged them to provide updates on their safety and security, indicating that a contingency plan may be in place to mitigate the impact of deportation on their lives. Aman Lara, too, is extending a helping hand to deported Afghans to assist them in getting out of Afghanistan.

In concluding, the situation faced by deported Afghan families highlights the complexities and vulnerabilities of the immigration system. The co-operation of Canadian and Pakistani authorities, along with the aid from non-profit organizations, will play a crucial role in providing relief to the affected families and ensuring their safety. As the world grapples with a refugee crisis, the plight of these families must serve as a sobering reminder of the need for compassion, efficiency, and equity in aiding those seeking asylum and refuge.



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