Toronto man charged in assault on Muslim community members, police say – Toronto

Toronto man facing multiple charges after Muslim community members assaulted: police - Toronto


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“Toronto Man Arrested, Facing Multiple Charges in Hate-Motivated Assaults”

A 28-year-old Toronto man is now facing multiple charges in three separate hate-motivated assaults targeting members of the Muslim community, according to investigators. This disturbing pattern of attacks has rocked the city, leaving many residents feeling fearful and uncertain about their safety.

Assaults Timeline

The Toronto Police Service reports that the first assault occurred at around 4:30 a.m. when a cab driver was ambushed near the city’s downtown core. The suspect allegedly asked the driver if he was Muslim and then sprayed his face with a substance.

Several hours later, a female cyclist wearing a hijab was approached by the suspect, who aimed derogatory statements at her before spraying her in the face with a substance. Most concerning is the fact that the same suspect later targeted the Toronto Islamic Centre, where he allegedly threw rocks and shouted derogatory slurs at several people outside the mosque.

The Aftermath of the Attacks

The Muslim community, along with the National Council of Canadian Muslims, has spoken out against these hate-motivated assaults. While ensuring the safety of everyone involved is a priority, there is also a strong push for lasting change in the fight against all forms of hate, particularly Islamophobia.

Members of the Muslim community have expressed their determination to stand up against hatred and continue attending prayers as a way to demonstrate resilience and solidarity. The National Council of Canadian Muslims, along with the Toronto mosque, is working closely with investigators to ensure that justice is served.


This series of hate-motivated attacks in Toronto is not just an issue for the Muslim community, but for the city as a whole. It serves as a stark reminder of the need for ongoing efforts to combat all forms of hate and prejudice in our society. The hope is that justice will be served and that these incidents will serve as a catalyst for positive change. While it’s important not to turn a blind eye to the reality of hate crimes, it’s equally important to remember that there is still hope and that unity and action can make a difference.


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