Suspicious item safely detonated by police in Winnipeg, no explosives discovered – Winnipeg

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“2021 has been a year of surprises: it churned out one new event after another, the latest one being the unexpected appearance of a suspicious object in a Winnipeg disposal unit.

At 8:40 a.m. on Saturday, the Winnipeg police received an alert about a suspicious item found in the 400 block of Agnes Street. What is more, officers discovered that it was inside a compost receptacle and was treated as a potential improvised explosive device.

Unwavering police assistance played a crucial role in controlling the area and evacuating residents of the complex and nearby residences. Simultaneously, officers secured the vicinity, setting up a safe perimeter until the Bomb Unit’s arrival.

The police force gathered various units to execute a controlled detonation of the item. After detailed inspection, they confirmed there were no dangerous materials inside.

Safety of the public is the primary concern, and residents were notified that there was no further risk to their safety. Despite the potential threat, there were no injuries reported. But the incident continues to be under investigation.

This incident brings to light the perpetual challenges the city continually contends with. The safety and longevity of its residents and beyond are at stake, as suspicions loom over every corner. Vigilance is the key-word, and community support is invaluable. It is up to the community and authorities to work together to ensure safety and security prevail.

For any information regarding this incident, citizens are encouraged to contact the Major Crimes Unit at 204-986-6219 or remain anonymous by reaching Crime Stoppers at 204-786-TIPS or online.

As investigations are underway, so too is the community spirit, stronger and unwavering as efforts to carry on. As we witness more and more unexpected events, it’s imperative to keep our approaches open to the well-being of our city and society at large. It is by coming together that we will prevail and ensure that the unexpected stays few and far between”

Winnipeg police say they have safely detonated a suspicious item found in a disposal unit on Saturday.Winnipeg police say they have safely detonated a suspicious item found in a disposal unit on Saturday.


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