Prevented disaster: Runaway barge saved from crashing into Vancouver’s English Bay Beach – BC

Runaway barge wrangled from hitting Vancouver’s English Bay Beach - BC


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“Barge causes concern off Vancouver’s West End”

“Sunday afternoon in Vancouver was anything but mundane as residents observed a barge floating in waters off the West End. History seems to be repeating itself as a similar incident occurred in the same area just last year. The barge had broken loose from its mooring buoy in English Bay and was drifting towards English Bay Beach. This is not the first time such a situation has occurred in this area. Last year, a barge was stuck for nine months at Sunset Beach, very close to the current incident site, after breaking free during a storm.

Coast Guard Response”

“The Canadian Coast Guard acted swiftly and efficiently when Sunday’s barge broke free around 12:10 p.m. Two Coast Guard crews and vessels were dispatched from the Kitsilano base and were able to tie onto the barge, thus preventing it from running aground. The vessels battled the current for around 30 minutes until a commercial tugboat finally arrived. The barge has since been secured to a different mooring buoy in Vancouver Harbour, putting an end to the chaos it had caused.”


“This incident highlights the need for improved safety measures to prevent future barge breakaways in English Bay. It’s important for shipping and harbor authorities to evaluate current procedures and infrastructure to prevent similar incidents in the future. As Vancouver continues to be a bustling coastal city, addressing this matter will benefit both the safety of residents and the integrity of its waterways. Vigilance and preparedness are keys to preventing these scenarios from happening again in the future.”


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