New Delhi: Air quality improves temporarily, but expert warns of decrease, “ill-effects” on health



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After facing layers of toxic smog and severe levels of air pollution in November —particularly following Diwali — New Delhi air quality saw an improvement on Sunday. Experts, however, warn that there are worsening days ahead for India’s air quality.

“The situation in the future is that the pollution levels will remain in [the] ‘very poor’ category,” Vivek Chattopadhyaya, air pollution control programme manager for the Centre of Science and Environment said on Saturday.

Though still considered “poor” on the index, the Indian capital’s air quality reading decreased to 190, according to Swiss group IQAir.

Just this week, New Delhi held the top spot for the world’s most polluted city.

Air pollution in northern India increases every winter when cold air traps emissions from multiple sources including vehicles, industries, construction dust and agricultural waste burning.

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