Most Liberal MPs are ‘too chicken’ to demand fair treatment on the carbon tax



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The Alberta Government passes Bill one and nobody trusts the media I’m Sheila gun Reed and you’re watching the gun Show this legislative session in Alberta the first order of business was for the Alberta Government to pass a restraining order against itself limiting the provincial government’s ability to raise taxes on its citizens and Justin Trudeau though he has given the mainstream media 600 million dollars in bailouts people continue to distrust the mainstream

Media and distrust Justin Trudeau and then the gun buyback keeps getting more and more expensive what’s with that we’ll talk about it with Chris Sims from the Canadian taxpayers Federation take a listen this free episode of the gun show is brought to you byis here for Rebel

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Business if this interests you if this is an opportunity you’d like to capitalize on send us an email at ads rebelnews Docomo me now is my good friend Chris Sims of the Canadian taxpayers Federation Chris um one of my favorite things on the internet over the past seven days has been the CTF and the chicken suit tell us about the chicken suit please so uh this was all inspired out of

Fury uh after the members of parliament and the liberal side of things refused to give their constituents the same break that they’re giving on fuel oil in Atlantic Canada so there was this big thing of course where prime minister Justin Trudeau gave a carot exemption for home heating fuel but it was just

For furnace oil and it was just for three years until after the next election right so understandably so people were super ticked off because the vast majority of us don’t use furnace oil most of us use natural gas and some folks out in more rural areas and in

Trailer parks they use propane um those of us who use natural gas and propane were getting screwed so we’re going to pay around $300 extra thereabouts just in the carbon tax just in home heating this winter so there was a big vote happening in the House of Commons and it

Was put forward by the conservatives and actually supported by the NDP hell has frozen over where they said basically hey give the same carbon tax exemption regardless of heating fuel everybody gets it let’s play fies the Liberals uh who voted to give their own constituents in Atlantic

Canada a break were too chicken to give their constituents elsewhere a break so in this case in Alberta it’s George chahal for Calgary Sky View and it’s Randy boso those were two liberal members of parliament here in Alberta ry’s up in Edmonton Center so we have a whole bunch now of these chicken

Costumes got a great sale good Canadian distributor and we’ve deployed them across Canada and now we’re protesting these members of parliament uh so far we’ve just done their offices uh but it could escalate at any moment you know that’s what I love about the CTF is the

Costumes really I mean who could forget the mariachi band in the ’90s it’s one of our favorite things to do um it’s so I’ve always loved dressing up and the idea that I could actually put this on my CV when I was applying for this job

Was just magnificent and we do it for so it’s fun but we do it for a reason and it’s because it really makes politicians mad like you mock them and especially if they’re just self-important overpaid stuff shirts they get really uppity and really miffed really fast when the smelly peasants start criticizing them

And start teasing them so that is why we have fiber who looks a lot like the Italian folklore puppet Pinocchio uh so whenever a politician lies which is like every day um we could deploy fiber we also have a big honk and pink pig and a tuxedo and he’s Porky the

Waste hater so now uh this flock of chickens has joined our ranks and we’re just showing up now and they deserve it here this is the sign I don’t know if you can see it but it’s like I’m too chicken to cancel the carbon tax on home heating right so I

Went to the Dollar Store and I made that sign and yeah we’ve just been mocking them since and we’re going to keep it up too because they had a chance they could if they had voted if we had gotten enough liberales to vote with the NDP and the the conservatives that motion

Would have passed and we’d have a lot better chance of saving everybody 300 bucks this winter you know and to the point of this this is purely a political move because the Liberals were getting into some trouble in Atlantic Canada they had their own MPS breaking ranks with them

On this so they had to throw a bone out to Western or to Eastern Canada um and they really stand to lose Nothing by punishing western Canada um and you know if you care about emissions um I don’t necessarily but if you do uh why are you

Giving a break to the dirtier form of heating like this this bunker fuel adjacent heating instead of clean burning natural gas you know like they want to incentivize us to be cleaner you could do that by giving people who uh heat with natural gas a break but the

Most compelling argument is one that you made on your Twitter account which uh you broke the numbers down and actually showed that people who heat with natural gas are still paying more than those who Heat with the bunker fuel adjacent home heating oil yeah you do uh so when

People think about home heating and I know most of your audience will have a full understanding of this but pretend that we’re speaking to our more Urban brothers and sisters who it’s push button or they don’t need to think about it you can get your home heating fuel in

Different ways it can be piped directly to you in your house like we do for natural gas or if you somehow manage to afford heating with electric that’s a form of piped energy because it comes through the wire okay okay or you need portable fuel a truck needs to bring the

Stuff in the form of energy to then combust or heat or whatever your house in order to provide winter heat so that can come in the form of wood if you have a wood stove or wood pellets same deal uh bunker oil as you call it furnace oil

So way back in the day across the Prairies it was quite common as well to heat with this oil and if you remember the old kind of round oval tall elongated tanks apparently across the Prairies I didn’t realize this uh they would have them inside um whereas on the

East coast and out on the west coast how I grew up they were outside and they would often uh supplement wood furnaces so you can Port that fuel you can also like I said fill big propane tanks and use them for your Propane fuel so there’re singling out this one tiny

Little group of people around three or 4% of Canadians who still use portable furnace oil the rest of us are up the creek and you’re right the rest of us on average are going to be paying more for our carbon tax for our home heat because it’s a

Constant piped thing it’s different from having it in your tank and if I can just take the tax hat off for a second and look at this from just an analysis point of view what’s interesting about the Atlantic thing because I’ve got family out there um the Atlantic caucus of any political

Party the major ones liberal and conservative the Atlantic caucus has its own culture okay yeah it’s older um quite often the older set so my my late Nana was like this um the older set you would be born a Tor or you were born a liberal because your father and

Your grandfather were a Tory or a liberal so it creates this cult cultural confidence I would describe it within the party and therefore has this special confident caucus within any said party these folks turned around to the Prime Minister I don’t know how they got him

To do it and said hey boy you know we’re losing we’re losing votes here I’m plummeted in the polls you know we got to have some action here blah blah blah blah blah blah and they’re older by and large if you take a look at Lawrence mcau for example who’s an egg Minister

Um he’s been around forever so that sort of cultural mentality I think got to the pmo and they were able to band together and urge him to do this and give them a car vote around 40% of prinet Islanders 40 still use furnace oil around 35% of Nova scotians including in Halifax still

Use furnace oil so this is a critically politically important issue for them and that is why he blinked but the rest of the MPS they clearly don’t have that pull and they clearly don’t have that confidence and they’re clearly too chicken to stand up in the same way yeah

I think also you know the the people around Justin trau I think are much brighter than Justin trau and I think they could see the writing on the wall when you see the rise of Premier like blae higs conservative Premier who are popular they’re doing well the Liberals could stand to lose

Some seats in Atlantic Canada just over this issue so again it never comes down to emissions it never comes down to affordability it’s just using the tax SYM as a cudgel uh to punish your enemies and reward your friends the science quickly became political science yes real fast and for folks who don’t

Know Atlantic Canada like yesterday like just started paying the carbon tax so on July 1st this year they started paying the full Freight of the carbon tax the rest of us were so 14 cents a liter for gasoline 17 cents a liter for diesel uh 12 cents per cubic meter of natural gas

All that jazz we were always doing this we were part of the mandatory minimum that trudo had imposed on us not Atlantic Canada they had a special deal they had an exemption up until July 1st this year so if you want to know why the polls suddenly went like this there

Because they started they had a sticker shock overnight at the gas pumps overnight their gasoline price went up like 14 cents a liter that’s like 10 bucks extra every time you’re filling up a minivan boom and so that is why that Hornet’s Nest was kicked you know I some part of me is

Kind of um chally pleased that Trudeau voters are getting mugged by reality but then I remembered that these are individual families and they’re being their pockets are being picked and those are jugs of milk disappearing out of their fridge and that’s uh you know new skates that kids won’t get uh because

Justin shro thinks he can spend it your money better than you um speaking of uh people being allowed to spend their money better than the government I I said this off a but I think this is like we may as well call this the CTF Bill Bill one in Alberta um

The government of Alberta has I guess sought a restraining order against itself from tax hikes and I think it’s wonderful tell us about it okay I might have to use that line that’s really good so here in the beautiful land of Alberta which I have moved to over the past year

And a half thank you for taking me in Sheila um we’re monitoring both sides of the province here I’m down south she’s up north so here in the beautiful province of Alberta we have something called the taxpayer protection act okay the late former Premier Ralph Klein put it in place back in

1995 and so up until just recently the taxpayer protection act only excluded a provincial sales tax from happening without a referendum put bluntly if the government ever wanted to push a PST on us here in Alberta they’d have to win a referendum from the people first that is

Why we don’t have a PST so it saves people billions of dollars if you take a look at the entire Province and anybody who’s done any shopping in Alberta and waits at the till and it it doesn’t sting as bad remembers what that feels like so we don’t have a PST that’s baked

Into the taxpayer protection act fast forward we now have Premier Daniel Smith uh who had already mentioned something like this back when we were getting her to sign our no PST pledge when she was first running for leadership she kind of alluded to it and I got this weird

Impression that she was like reading back issues of our magazines and like our white papers and stuff I was like oh wow I better get up to speed because she she’s just nerdy enough to do that yeah so nerdy and like I hadn’t even read

Some of this stuff so I was like holy smokes I got to get up to speed so what they did is they have now altered the taxpayer protection act which is usually a bit freaky because you don’t want that changed but right if they ever want to increase income taxes or business taxes

They need to win a referendum first so if they ever try to hike taxes in Alberta again we need to say yes it’s huge yeah they need we need to say yes and they have to make the case to albertans why they can’t find efficiencies why they can’t claw back on

The bureaucracy or you know like if they try to make that case to albertans albertans are going to be making the case right back to them actually you have X number of middle managers at Alberta Health Services do you think we could do with maybe 10 instead of 12

Yeah uh supervising the one guy who uses the mop yes which is exactly the situation of government I’ll give you a quick sneak peek um I I don’t have all the numbers solid yet but every year especially here in Alberta we do what’s called a pre-budget report and so that’s

Where we go through all the past budgets and we find efficiencies and we just nerd out and then we give it to the government it’s like here please steal our ideas have at it put your name on it giv her because it just saves people money um so the next time somebody says

Something like oh well we’re cut to the bone this is austerity there’s nothing we can do folks might also remember that uh dur in the last spring the government here in Alberta committed to keeping spending increases to the rate of inflation and population growth perect nice standard rule you’re not cutting

You’re not you’re still increasing but it’s just by the rate of inflation and population growth so we at the taxpayers Federation have been asking for that simple little economics rule that little guardrail to be in place since the mid 90s so I went back through all of the

Budgets to the mid90s and I did a what if experiment what if they had put this rule in which they’ve agreed to now what if we had done this in the mid 90s how much money would we have hundreds of billions of dollars Sheila and I have to be clear this is

Not windfalls got nothing to do with natural resource windfalls no roller coaster involved this is simply if they had kept spending at that level of check we would have hundreds of billions of dollars so the next time somebody says there’s nothing to cut there’s nothing

We can do no no no that’s not true even simple little discipline rules like that would have had us head and shoulders miles above people right now it’s very sad that’s very sad sorry but hey we started now so picture 20 years better late than never I guess um I’m very

Pleased to see this because basically this means that it is going to be almost impossible for the government to raise taxes in Alberta unless they repeal this law or completely ignore it altogether like the Redford Redford PCS did yes so good luck with that uh so I’ve noticed

Something about albertans um is that they take action they don’t take stuff lying down and they get really involved it’s really quite inspiring from a Grassroots perspective and so nobody has dared touch knockwood since 1995 since Klein put it in nobody has dared touch the taxpayer protection act nobody has

Put in a St here in Alberta they’re now enshrining that same protection inside of that little Vault so I pity the premere someday in the future who tries to open up that Vault it’s not going to be good because it’s not just the taxpayers Federation and it is us I mean

We will I will bicycle lock my neck to somebody’s leg if they tried doing something like that but it’s the people like you have tons of citizens groups and just regular moms and dads and workers here that are really well aware aare of what’s going on and they will

Hold government to account which is good thing to see yeah we frequently get rid of conservative politicians because they’re not conservative enough like that’s one of our favorite things to do around here it’s like the provincial sport I’m reading through these books these like history books these black

History books um um that were put together by the bif felds and it’s I have one right there I have I have them too look at us like it’s just it’s a very distinctly cultural thing for Alberta saskat and might be similar I don’t know yes uh but it is pretty

Impressive to see and so all of this is to say this is really good news folks the provincially here in Alberta they cannot raise taxes on you unless you vote to say so it’s a pretty big deal it’s one of the best taxpayer Protections in all of North America like GameChanger

Stuff I want to switch lanes a little bit to something that you and I have talked about uh previously and that is Justin Trudeau’s gun buyback which is not a buyback at all it’s a compensation for confiscation program um and that has just been kicked down the road until

2025 so for people who are unaware Justin Trudeau uh decided that 1500 now it’s closer to 2,000 models of Canadian long guns um were too dangerous to be in the arms of Canadians um and also subsequently grandfathered out handgun uh ownership but the as I said he

Decided these guns were too dangerous to be in the hands of Canadians um so they needed to be outlawed immediately however he’s letting us hang on to them until 2025 immediately years from now years from now um it was a deadly public safety issue so deadly and so in the

Interest of Public Safety that you can just hang on to them until 2025 because Justin Shau can’t figure out how to compensate people for uh taking their property away and scapegoating law-abiding Canadian Firearms owners for the failings of progressive cities yeah so this is uh would have been a huge

Mess it’s already a huge mess it’s massive massive yeah I’ve I’ve already I I know a lady up in Prince George um this largely contributed to her gunshot being shut down it was her own small business um because of this nonsense and so for the tiny handful of people who

Watch your show who don’t have the Firearms licenses uh or if you’re speaking to you know your cousin or whatever who doesn’t uh own firearms so this is going after law-abiding licensed Firearms owners so in order to get a firearms license in Canada you have to

Go through a big long course and this is just for long guns we’re not talking even handguns just we’re talking rifles and shotguns okay um that almost every Ranch in Canada will have uh if you’re living rurally especially in the west everybody they’re a tool it’s like

Having a chainsaw yeah um and so the Trudeau government suddenly classified a whole bunch of these long guns as dangerous almost exclusively based on looks like yes it could it could have exactly the same function as you know the the maple encased long gun that has steel that you’d see Elmer fud using

Okay on a cartoon 410 there’s a 410 on that list simply because it looks cool this is it this is it and so they went after the Cosmetic element of it and fundamentally it comes down to for the taxpayers Federation anyway one this would be a huge waste of money and we

Have evidence to show that it would be because they tried the long gun registry and it was a debacle so it was supposed to cost $200 million back in the day this is under the kutchen liberal government it wound up costing well over1 billion dollar and that’s back in

’90s money uh so huge waste of money and the police officers at the front lines of violence themselves have said repeatedly this does not make people safer like going after duck hunters and people who are trying to keep keep coyotes away from their cattle this does not improve safety it does nothing to

Stop gun violence that we see in our Urban centers go after those bad guys and bad girls who are doing that with illegal guns don’t go after the law abiders so this is why the taxpayers Federation takes a role in it because one it’s a huge waste of money and two

It’s completely useless and we don’t like useless wings of government well and you know they can’t pin the number down on what this buy back buyback I hate using as if as if you bought it from them in the first place yeah right um they they can’t pin

The number down and of course they can’t uh so it started off at 800 million then it went to 1 billion now it’s upwards of two billion it’s going to be 4 billion by next year and the reason why is a lot of these guns are moving from

Unregistered so you met the requirements to own them perfect you went and bought it um and then you maybe you bought it at a gun show they checked your um your license they said yep you’re cool you’ve been vetted daily by the rcmb you can have you can have this shotgun and then

Uh so there’s no record of this gun between you and the government so now the government has no idea how many of these Firearms they need to compensate you for so there’s no possible way they can estimate the cost of the program let alone the policing required to get these

Guns out of the hands of normal people we at least in Alberta know that our government is not going to mandate our RCMP to go door to door to confiscate the property of law-abiding people we’ve got bigger problems for our police to deal with like the opioid crisis and

Violent crime and property crime that we just don’t have the resources to be harassing normal people like me now we’ve had shootings in both Calgary and Edmonton in the last few days like broad daylight ones so I’m going out on a limb here I doubt they’re duck Hunters I’m just saying so

This is this is it where it’s one of those things where if I even try to empathize with somebody who doesn’t understand guns I I get it I get that you’re scared and you’re believing the government when you’re telling when they’re telling you this is going to

Make you safer but the police themselves say it won’t okay yeah um quite often it’s the police at the front lines who will if I’m paraphrasing say something like we need to crack down on the gang bangers and the criminals who are running illegal guns quite often across

The border so if you want to spend money on something tighten up the Border controls this is it this is it little fence might help so don’t you know no pun intended don’t send your mounties out on some wild goose chase to go track down goose hunters in Brooks Alberta like there’s

There’s no point in doing that and so and again this isn’t just the CTF saying this this is the cops themselves and what was interesting is that these escalating estimations of cost of this confiscation buyback program the numbers that I was seeing being put forward at committee these were coming from

Criminologists who teaches Simon Frasier University okay this is not you know douge out in you know Red Deer this is somebody who teaching at a university saying yeah this cost is going to balloon quickly and it is it is every time I read an update about the buyback

Program it’s like oh they added a another nine zeros to the end of the cost yeah time and for folks for folks who don’t own firearms and thinks this doesn’t affect you number one it does because this is a private property issue and number two if you just look at the

Money okay pretend they’re confiscating coffee makers for whatever reason just look at the money ones that were yeah exactly the ones that look like tactical coffee makers they would don’t give them ideas so I know so look at the money okay that they could spend two billion

$3 billion whatever we don’t have that money we have un money we are more than a trillion dollars in debt if you started counting your loonies right now with King Charles II’s new head on them and you stack them all up it would take you 30,000 years to count to a trillion

So why does that matter because the government is borrowing money to do these stupid St things by Printing and borrowing that money he’s causing inflation by he I mean the Prime Minister okay you’re paying for this inflation okay when you’re out there and everything is more expensive it’s part

Of this okay it’s these dumb decisions that waste money and don’t help people that is helping to make inflation much worse because the Bank of Canada just prints it and then the government just borrows it now changing lanes but still of course on the same topic of

Uh I guess the government spending money on on things that they should never spend money on let’s talk about the media bailout for a second I saw an article in Black loocks this morning that um Justin shau’s $600 million media bailout um contaminated uh the media with government money of course and thus

Breach the trust that people have in their journalists to tell them the truth because now you want to know is this really what happened or is this what the government wants us to think happened because if you tell the truth and you’re not going to get any funding from Justin

Trau um media trust is at an all-time low 23% of people have um confidence in the media right now um and the numbers are at an all-time low the lowest in Alberta and then spreading out from there the Prairies they’re around 20 23% on the prairies going up in the more

Liberal places but um I I think this the plummeting trust is directly correlated to that media bio yeah it’s in lockstep and this is what uh you and I and our friends on the left like Jesse Brown um have been warning about for years since the government first started thinking

Hey we’re not wasting enough money by giving the CBC 1.2 1.3 billion dollars per year let’s waste more money let’s get more journalists on the government payroll that’s just a disaster uh yeah and I think sometimes because everything that has happened in the last especially

The last three or four years has been so big and so confusing and so crazy in some cases that we can lose track of even simple things and this is very simple it is a direct conflict of interests for journalists to be paid by the government journalists and I was one

From for many many years including in mainstream media Print TV radio you name it journalists I don’t care if you wake up left or right side of the bed you’re supposed to hold the government to account you’re supposed to comfort The Afflicted and afflict the comfortable

That’s your job as a journalist you are given a privileged Pass key in many cases into some of these high echelons of government you’re able to speak truth to power to shove microphones in faces to ask tough questions to not be reverent of your rulers and that’s a

Pretty special job okay you’re being given a lot of trust there okay and if you are suddenly now on the payroll of that government that’s gone that’s gone it doesn’t matter if you know you writing for like I don’t care the Sudbury workers paper okay or you know

Working for the rebel you shouldn’t be on government paper payroll because you should be paid by your supporters by your readers by your viewers through Free Will donation you should have advertisements whatever it is but if you’re just in the pay of people in power you cannot hold the powerful to

Account and here we are that is a that is the one of the lowest numbers I’ve ever heard Sheila for people trusting journalists and if you know people listening saying yeah they deserve it I I hear you okay people are really mad they have every right to be mad um they

Can barely afford food okay or home heat I get it um but what I’m worried about is the alternative who right where is our tool Now where’s our tool now to hold government to account like journalists are supposed to be those noisy dogs like you know reaching out in front of you in

Order to protect you from government and they’re supposed to be the ones barking those questions if they’re not there anymore that’s pretty scary and this needs to be fixed like yesterday there should be zero money going from government to journalism like zero like the the funding for CBC needs to stop

Tomorrow and the so-called media bailout needs to stop tomorrow and eventually hopefully there’ll be enough Independent News organizations that grow up from that and they rekindle that trust and we can rebuild it I hope you know I think it’s twofold with the government giving money to the journalists but also the journalists

While there is in some instances a perception of contamination there is a real actual tangible contamination and you can see it in their coverage no greater example of this than the coverage of the freedom Convoy Ottawa is a place teaming with journalists they either didn’t go down

And talk to the freedom Convoy to see actually what their concerns were were or they maligned the freedom Convoy or in some instances lied about it directly um because it served their purposes of protecting Justin tro they said there was an Aron in an apartment building um

That was absolutely not true and with the Advent of social media and everybody having these things in their hand all the time you can fact check a journalist in real time and uh I think some journalists have completely forgotten that and instead of speaking truth to power and holding the powerful to

Account on behalf of the people they very frequently are holding the people to account on behalf of the powerful and this is where it gets down to the core of Journalism and it’s this going to maybe bore some of your viewers who aren’t journalists I don’t think so

Never wanted to be journalists but I have lost count of the number of times where as a young journalist in my 20s or even in my 30s where I haven’t been snotty about it to you know use a rough term but I’ve had a preconceived notion for example when I’m going into

Something okay where I’m going to go cover an event or a court case or a protest or whatever okay and I you know talked myself into make sure you get both sides make sure you ask all the right questions be open be thoughtful but you still have some estimation of

Something in your head because you’re picturing it I’ve lost count Sheila of the number of times I have gone to go speak with someone fulsomely and wholly and I’ve Come Away with a changed mind that’s one of the amazing things about actually talking to other human beings and telling their story so so

Many times and that is one of like that’s that’s the the catch with journalism that’s why people get hooked on being a journalist because you’re meeting all these new people and you’re sharing their experiences and you’re hopefully telling their story they who what where and why their W5 you’re

Sharing that with everyone and that could be anything it could be a victim of a crime it could be somebody who’s a new immigrant it could be something even as seemingly dry as a small business that is going out of business because of government regulation and then you go

Talk to the guy and he’s crying because he can’t get his kid into hockey anymore like these are the human stories that journalists are supposed to tell and you’re right these things are evaporating and in that instance in that case I remember the best piece of Journalism that I read that was printed

Okay there was lots of really good kind of Citizen journalism like this um the best printed piece was written by an academic who taught chemistry who wrote A Blog yes I remembered remember that one just he wandered the streets he wandered down Kent Street and just

Talked to with an open mind and he talked to people and that’s journalism and so this is that just breaks my heart to see that number that it’s in the low 20s but this is what you’re going to have happen if you put them on government

Payroll and it’s going to take a while but it needs to be cut off now it’s like one of those moments where you have an intervention and you realize that you’re doing something really bad for you and you have to stop now like the minute

Hand has hit your watch and you need to stop I don’t know how long it’s going to take to rebuild that trust with Independent News organizations but if I can give people a little bit of Hope um for a long time in the late 1800s early 1900s newspapers were literally owned by

A political party or an organization Okay so we’ve gone through this EB and flow and flux of Journalism before and then I would argue it kind of hit its Heyday and nobody’s perfectly objective keep in mind you are not a robot you’re still going to have your op and that’s

The thing I everybody knows I’m conservative but I don’t lie about it like my friends at the CBC who are like we’re completely objective how dare you imply that we have our own human biases be honest about it that’s all to be honest about it and I don’t want to

Pay for it that’s all and is whenever I’m coaching somebody who’s a new journalist or whatever and I’m speaking to them they’ll often have this idea that I’m like because I have gone through this conveyor belt of a journalism school I am now objective it’s like it has created you in a new

Image no no you can’t be because you’re a human you can’t be like this objective robot but you can be balanced and you can work really hard to be as balanced as you can be keep your ideas in mind and balance them out accordingly that makes for really good journalism and be

A really good listener and to your point getting back to the the direct money I know there are people who are listening right now or they have friends who are still in mainstream media who say I work my butt off we do I hear you I know you’re working really hard but like

Ethics it’s the perception of bias MH so if you’re one of those folks who’s working really hard and you take that like as an insult that they’re on government payroll you should be the most angry yeah because this is tarnishing your work and people are perceiving you as biased even though

You’re busting your butt making sure you’re not because the moment Money Changes hands it’s gone it’s the same as ethics and Corruption it’s the perception of bias speaking of ethics and Corruption Justin Trudeau’s uh polling numbers seem to be uh right in line with the Trust in Media I saw 25%

Of people think have a favorable imp of Justin Trudeau um that’s the latest Abacus polling data so uh despite the um twoth thirds of a billion dollars in bailout money that he gave to the mainstream media it’s not helping him either yeah I think um I think in this

Case there’s two things one just government like eight years it kind of start happen to Harper yep yep it gets long in the tooth no matter what color your penny is uh that’s one element and two uh it’s really rough out there like yeah it is unaffordable for so many

People so uh we here in Alberta there’s still people struggling like we’ve got a better affordability thing going on here than most of the rest of the country um but every time I phone and I try to call once a month I try to call the different

Food banks once a month to check in on them and see how they’re doing because it’s a good indicator of how tough it is um every time I call they say something like I’ve never seen so many people with jobs coming in here for food and that’s

Even it’s breaks my heart it’s even in Alberta so just imagine what it’s like to be a working family in like Langley or sui or missis Saga or you know uh Dartmouth right London Ontario um and I think now that the rubber has hit the road and people are fighting to afford

Groceries and winter heat that people get really upset and really mad and they demand change no matter who is in power so and if they see it actually if they know a little bit more and they know that this government has racked up the deficit they know this government is

Causing inflation they know the government’s printing money and Hiking up their carbon taxes they’re even more mad because that’s culpability so I I think that’s why you’re seeing those numbers do that yeah I think people are starting to understand like in when you have a little bit of

Wigg room in your budget sometimes it’s well that’s just what things cost sure but once things get tight you realize things cost this much because of all the other things that are happening they start to put that together um and they’ve also just very quickly they’ve run out of that cushion yeah course

Right of like being able to ignore politics because good people should be able to ignore politics you should be able to imagine the government is well it still leaks and smokes oil a little bit but it is a machine and it’s over there in the corner and it’s generally

Sputtering along okay that’s generally what government is and should be now the thing is just taken over the whole house it’s full of smoke like nobody can see straight it is a massive burning problem and I think now normal people who don’t follow politics are suddenly realizing

Why can’t I afford anything anymore it’s the whole thing if you don’t take a interest in politics politics will take an interest in you we’re at that moment now I think which is why you’re seeing this uh crash in the pools I think though CTF plays such an

Important role in educating the public about why things cost so much and and why you feel like your life is completely being controlled from without instead of within um and that’s why I think it you’re what you do is just so important uh so Chris tell us how people

Can get involved in the work that CTF does because really uh it’s as Grassroots as it comes and how they can uh support the CTF because you won’t take a a penny from Justin trude but you won’t even take a tax break from Justin Trudeau so that I really like that part

Of the CTF it’s like yeah and we mean it so we’re not a charity so when you give us a donation we’re not writing you a tax credit receipt because we don’t want to incur any expense and so if what I also like about the CTF as one we’re

Nonpartisan we don’t care what color your penny is if you are wasting money or not being accountable um we’re going to come after you so we’ve been around since 1990 since before the internet was a thing our main purpose is lower taxes less waste and accountable government we will do

Everything from my dear friend in Ottawa Franco terzano writing a 70-page pre-budget report pointing out that we are going to have an inflation crisis before pretty much anybody else in Canada was saying it I will I will point out um and doing committee work all the way down down to

Us here in chicken suits out in front of the members of parliament office okay uh so if you go to our website just skim through our petitions there’s something there for everyone so if you don’t like the gun confiscation if you don’t like the government giving money

To journalists if you want uh lower income taxes if you want to scrap the carbon tax whatever your thing is I even have one on there Sheila to take the PST off used items in British Columbia because it’s wrong to nail people at thrift shops it is very you at thrift

Shops right you know not to sound modelin but like I can pay the extra Buck or whatever but what really gets me going is seeing people in there with families who are fighting to afford it and they’re gets me so mad and so I wrote a petition so go sign up the

Petitions okay that you care about and then you’re part of our army and we’ll we’ll email you whenever it’s time to do a big email blast whenever we’re going to be protesting in front of somebody’s office in a chicken suit anything like that just go to to the website sign the petitions you don’t even need to make a donation if you can’t that’s okay uh but then you’re you’re part of the army and what I love about it is it’s Fellowship is you no longer feel like you’re fighting alone anymore you got a whole bunch of people

That feel the same way awesome Chris thanks so much for coming on the show um and thanks so much for just you know taking it to the politicians but doing it in like a fun and cheeky way um it’s tough out there to keep a happy warrior

Mindset and you really do um and we’ll have you back on again very very soon thanks Sheila this free episode of the gun show is brought to you by my mug I know it’s pretty cool so is this hoodie I got on and you could have

It on too if you check out our special website at Rebel new that’s where you can see Freedom Focus hoodies that we have for you beanie cell phone cases you name it all while supporting our journalism where we fight to bring you the other side of the story as

Opposed to you know being being forced by the Trudeau government to fund leftist media out of your taxes the truth is without you and your generosity there is no Rebel news so again if you like the reports that we bring you and that we also fight for freedoms in

Canada please consider doing some shopping picking up some swag at Rebel new we appreciate your Support well friends we’ve come to the portion of the show where we invite your viewer feedback unlike the mainstream media I actually care about what you think about the work that we’re doing here at Rebel news it’s the reason I give out my email address right now it’s Sheila Rebel put gunshow letters in the subject line and who knows I might just read your viewer feedback on air but if you don’t want to send me an email that’s fine too U maybe you want to sit through a couple of ads and watch a free

Version of the show either on YouTube or Rumble couple of days after the show comes out maybe leave a comment in the comment section of YouTube or Rumble um and that’s exactly where today’s comments come from they are taken from last week’s free version of the show and

Last week’s show was with Rick gigerich from Canada’s National Firearms Association we were talking about some of the stuff I talked about with Chris Sims today the ever loning uh gun buyback program compensation for confiscation program uh because the Liberals as you know they just can’t they just can’t pin

Down our number and how could they because they don’t know what guns they plan to grab or how many of them there are so blue collar scholar writes at least we can be thankful that trau and Company are so useless in general can you imagine how much damage they’d have

Done by now if they were competent right you know you know um I often am sort of grateful that they are as incompetent in implementing some of the more horrific things the Liberals would like to do to us um yeah they they can’t figure out how to first get the guns from the

People who are completely law-abiding and then repay the people for the property that they took but they know for sure those guns are just so deadly and pose such an issue to Public Safety that can have them for at least 5 years sure anyway yeah I’m also I’m kind

Of glad that they are as incompetent as they are could you could you imagine could you really imagine uh the next comment is from three cracked cheeks it’s an odd name who writes Rick is very clear concise intelligent and has a deep understanding of the subject the opposite of the Trudeau

Regime no wonder they want to ignore him the liberals always think they’re just one more gun ban from eliminating crime I don’t even think the Liberals think that grabbing guns from law-abiding people will help the crime problem in this country they just know they need to be perceived to be doing something

Anything and instead of doing the hard thing which is dealing with uh the problems in Progressive cities and addressing traffic fcking at Canada’s poorest border they take the path of least resistance and go after the most law abiding people in the country gun owners because they know we will follow the rules and

So they go after us because criminals as you know they don’t follow the rules that’s why they’re criminals well everybody that’s the show for tonight thank you so much for tuning in I’ll see everybody back here in the same time and in the same place next week week and

Remember don’t let the government tell you that you’ve had too much to Think

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On last week’s episode of The Gunn Show, Sheila Gunn Reid spoke on rather a cheeky campaign by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF), in a bid to name and shame the vast majority of Liberal MPs who voted against carbon tax reprieve for all home heating.In MP offices across Canada, CTF directors are showing up in chicken costumes to picket the Liberal cowards who approved a carbon tax exemption for eastern Canadians who heat with oil while voting against fairness for other Canadians who heat their homes with natural gas.

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