Majority of people believe world is becoming more dangerous amid global conflicts: poll



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Free Palestine the violence in the Middle East brought out protesters with a message to dignitaries attending the hallifax International Security Forum this weekend we’re losing people we’re losing children and that’s not okay anywhere there’s nothing Jewish about violence so I’m here to call for a ceasefire earlier inside a former prime

Minister of Israel said the state cannot stop until Hamas is defeated if Israel government cannot survive cannot live up to its very basic commitment to its citizens uh if Hamas can control or come back as a military power as Russia continues its attack on Ukraine and tensions in Asia persist there is

Evidence people around the world are fearful amidst it all a new poll conducted on behalf of the Halifax International Security Forum has found that across 30 countries the majority of people last Feel the world has become more Danger dangerous over the past year in fact the ipsus poll found 84% feel

That way 70% said they expect a global conflict similar to the world wars in the next 25 years and 69% worry about the potential of Chinese Le conflict in Asia similar to Russia’s attack on Ukraine those figures slightly down from last year although the poll was taken

Before the Hamas attack on Israel the public understands that it’s a it’s a pretty messy dangerous place out there and that we’ve gone through particularly through the course of the pandemic a lot of disruption disruption leads to other disruption it should be a reason for all

Of us to be engaged for this American law and policy Professor the feeling of insecurity should be met with action to defend democracy both outside and within home borders if we can’t make sure that we live in functioning democracies we’re not going to be of much use to anybody

Else for many dealing with this time of unrest has meant protests like this Heidi Peta Global News Halifax

With two ongoing conflicts that have resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands in Gaza and Ukraine, global citizens are beginning to worry about what violent escalation is next on Earth.

Global’s Heidi Petracek explores a new poll — conducted before Hamas’s deadly attack in Israel on Oct. 7 — which suggests a large majority of people believe we’re living in more dangerous times.

The poll, conducted on behalf of the Halifax International Security Forum, revealed that across 30 countries, 84 per cent of people agree the world has become more dangerous in just the last year, and that 70 per cent of them are expecting a global conflict similar to the devastating World Wars.

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  1. World is not more dangerous. You just have a whole generation that lacks basic knowledge on the history of the world, with all of their attention towards social media. They are a clueless and self absorbed generation too focussed on trying to get likes on instagram!

  2. CGTN Warmongerers Legacy, Remote Killings. Ukraine on fire, Oliver Stone. Empire Files-Abby Martin, The Grayzone-Killing Gaza. RT International all Antiwar journalists, an Empire that is collapsing will be more dangereous

  3. So Palestinians can protect themselves but iseralites cant hmmmm wrong self defense is ok even to us true Christians they warned everyone to leave before they shot back sorry islam started it

  4. Law and order have broken down. There's contempt for the law. Anti social behaviour is rife. People are just outright rude to each other.
    It's Christmas for felons and every crooked person and his uncle.
    Politicians are getting away with the most outrageous behaviour.
    Drug dealers are making billions while people are losing everything and law enforcement has a stake in it.
    It's going to break. It just simply cannot continue on autopilot.
    It's probably going to be called the "big bang ".

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  6. 5 eyes are pushing for a war in Asia, they are ranges from 5000 – 12000 kms away from their stolen lands, the Aboriginals and the Natives. If you can accept this very fact, you are an individual with dignity.

  7. And who are the World LEADERS that have ENABLED TERRORIST groups to become bold? Under TRUMP there were NO new WARS…. NO TERRORIST attack on US or ISRAELI soil…NO CHINA aggression…NO RUSSIAN aggression. JUST FACTS….

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