“Let us not resign ourselves to war”: Pope urges peace in Middle East, Ukraine and Myanmar



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[Applauso] R nuovo la mia vicinanza alla cara popolazione del miamar che purtroppo continua a soffrire a causa di violenze e soprusi prego perché non si scoraggi e confidi sempre nell’aiuto del Signore e fratelli e sorelle continuiamo a pregare Ucraina vedo le bandiere qui di Ucraina e Per le popolazione di Palestina e

Israele la pace è possibile ci vuole buona volontà la pace è possibile non rassegniamoci alla guerra e non dimentichiamo che la guerra soltanto guadagnano i fabbricatori delle armi

Pope Francis reiterated a call for peace in the Middle East, Ukraine and Myanmar on Sunday, during his weekly blessing in St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City on Sunday.

“Peace is possible, good will is needed,” the leader of the Catholic Church said in front of a crowd of thousands, adding “Let us not resign ourselves to war.”

The Vatican has previously offered to mediate in both the conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, as well as Israel and Gaza.

The Pope reminded listeners of his closeness with the people of Myanmar, where military forces — which seized power of the country in a 2021 coup — are battling a coordinated offensive launched in October by an opposing alliance of three ethnic minority insurgent groups.

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  1. Again …. There is only one Holy Father…. And its not some lover of adolescent boys!!!!
    Its not only our actions we will be judged on , what our eyes saw and ears heard and did nothing….

  2. I always find it strange when Christians side with Jews AGAINST Muslims, as if we are their enemy and the Jews are their friends. Like…..Jews say some absolutely horrible things about Jesus (AS), but Christians are so blinded by their Islamophobia that they will side with people that hate Jesus (AS) against the Muslims that love Jesus (AS).

  3. Big big hypocrites.
    Without Jesus Christ of Nazareth, there is no peace. He is the only Peace.
    God is holy and most people that profess to know Him do things anyhow not taking heed to His holy Words in the Holy Bible.
    It's high time we cry to Him and turn away from our wicked ways and make Jesus Christ out Lord and Saviour. Then we will find true peace.
    Repent my people. The days are getting even more darker. Do not live your lives anyhow. Sin when it is full blown gives birth to wars pestilences and death.
    Jesus loves humanity so much. Why do you turn your backs on Him and live anyhow.
    Repent now.!!

  4. I see only one solution to all this but I think it's complicated right now but all countries should be working on their own and only vacations allowed no buying out anything and everone stays in their country and country let's them build and prosper within and no more wealthy money to keep controlling any other country. Especially Canada it should close all ties caus eits only money and money doesn't care its printed and we see conflicts some have so. Much and other a lot more have nothing and can't even from regulations start anything and could be shared but money is controlling and limited money high levels and technically history shows theft on high level from others and then thye call it peace well haven't everyone learned from history and this would be a perfect to ming to change all can the wealthy change the structures and regulations and give out more instead of watching chaos like it's not possible to create harmony. It's year 2023 time to harmonize everything and end wars and like and no more weapons of mass distruction so we can prosper individually together on the level into the future of greatest shift in power all to the people and only to all people equally and share instead of vesting more fences and baracades and closed of areas cause some one bought it and doesn't even live there but is closes paths for others cause they acquired money and to feel only that as the winning to a loosing again and again in time. It's time for the greatest change people for the people only level of wealth building its time for new psychological wealth for all to harmoniously be on that level.

  5. This pope is no different than Pope Pius xii that stood by silent during the holocaust. Would the pope say that "war is defeat" and the "only ones who gain are the weapons manufacturers" during world war two as the allies faced the nazis and imperialist japan? Peace is possible when evil is eliminated. By saying war is defeat the pope equates evil with good, making no moral distinction between the two. If the palestinians laid down their arms there would be peace; if the Israelis laid down their arms ALL of the Jews would perish. If the US and allies did nothing about ISIS-daesh and let it grow, by now there would be jihadists drinking rome's crusader blood.

    How naive and evil of this pope to not distinguish between what is a morally just war and what is an offensive military action by an evil entity. He equates the actions of russia and ukraine, Israel and hamas, saying the only ones who benefit are arms manufacturers. So I suppose this pope wants ukraine to surrender and for Israel to surrender and lay open for more hamas attacks since all war is defeat and the only ones who gain are arms manufacturers. I would like to see what would happen if the Vatican was attacked by jihadists…would they all surrender since all war is defeat? What does arms manufacturers' profits have to do with fighting for your life against evil?

    During the 1948 war in Israel, there was one rifle for every three soldiers in Israel and there was an arms embargo against Israel from the USA, while the Jordanians were well equipped with the latest British arms and yet Israel prevailed against five arab armies simultaneously. Did the arms manufacturers gain from that war? If Israel had not defended itself by force, there would be no Israel today, something I am sure the pope would have loved to have seen.

  6. 🏛️ Dear Mr. Pope, Please abolish The Old Testaments asap. The primitive, mythical and only cruel and criminal ancient customs ruthlessly practiced in that times are shamelessly copied and followed by the selfish mad evil people in modern days now causing the uncountable horrific problems. The human races don't need the insane books of crimes at all.

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